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    Default One Love Bus Pub Crawl

    Anyone taken this bus trip? Looks like fun! Please send a review. Thanks

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    We did it last December and had a great time. The bus begins picking people up at the north end of Bloody Bay at around 2:00 Pm on Wednesdays. You can flag them down along the Beach Road if you see them, but it is best to contact them ahead of time to arrange for a pickup. Call 876.874.6631 or email They'll return you to your resort after sunset and you'll still have time to eat dinner.

    The ride is "free". Just tip the driver a few dollars. There are no "set bars" that they go to. It changes from week to week and is not predictable. They tend to go to the places in the West End that are not the stereo typical tourist stops. In other words, I don't think they'll go to Rick's. I think we stopped at about six different places for about a half hour to fourty-five minutes each. They'll put you at a bar on the sea side of the road for sunset.

    Here's a link to some Trip Advisor reviews and pictures of the bus. Kinda reminds me of the Partridge
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Thanks NeedBlueWater
    That was very helpful!
    Oh but one more question. What kind of bills/money do you need? What are prices for drinks and beer?

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    Did this in August and had a blast, definetly book it!

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    If I remember right, beers were US$3 - US$5 a piece. Mixed drinks were more, obviously, but all we had was beer or wine. We took US dollars. Change will be given in Jamaican dollars, so bring small bills unless you don't mind the Jamaican currency.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    If you search this forum i did a review back in may or june. Great time, loved seeing the other side of negril and meeting the locals. We will do this each year. We spent $80 dollars...$20 to tip lenbert and $60 on drinks. My husband was drinking beer and i was drinking rum and diet cokes. We had one, sometimes two drinks at each place. We started with american money and halfway through we had collected enough jamaican money in our change that we payed for rest with it. It is run by the owners of negril dot com. If you go to their forum they usually have meetup threads for each week...atleast they did back in May.

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    Did this Pub Crawl last July. LOTS of fun. Nice to get off the resort for at least one day and go into town. If your lucky you will be taken to Belladonnas for some FABULOUS homemade pizza. Maybe I was just hungry but IMHO was better than any of the regular chains in the States, i.e. Pizza Hut, Dominos, Pappa Johns. Very nice lady who gave everyone a warm hug as they get off the bus. Will do it again sometime in the future. Please tip Lembert well. He doesn't charge anything for driving you around all afternoon.

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