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    Default First Timers to CSS - Any info on private transfers to resort?

    As the title says, this will be our first trip to CSS and we are looking forward to it! We have been to Jamaica many times, usually to the former GL Braco.
    My question pertains to the transfers to and from the resort. The shuttle ride to GLB could be dreadful but was greatly improved after the new highway opened up. I know CSS is a bit further and just wondering what the shuttle ride is like and if we should look into a private transfer. We don't mind paying for the convenience and service that it would offer, so if anyone has any recommendations, we would love to hear them! Thanks!

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    The new highway to Ocho Rios was completed a few years ago. The trip is now on a smooth rd that bypasses most town an village The ride now takes less then 90 minutes

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    You aren't going to get there any quicker with a private transfer so why pay for it? It was about a two hour ride for us.

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    we were just at CTI a few weeks ago and CTI is only minutes from CSS.

    We used to visit GLB years ago and I thought the drive to GLB from MoBay was long but it is still a pretty good drive from GLB to CSS.

    Not sure if it would be worth a private transfer. Only if the private transfer was a car instead of the slower vans but you might get a slow driver. We have had drivers that were so cautious that it took forever to get to Negril or Ocho.

    We used TimAir in the past to fly to Negril but our past several trips to Negril we took the resort transpo.

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    We always take the shuttle provided by Couples for our ride to CSS! You are transported in clean, air conditioned comfort, and the drivers share with you the history of their island during the trip. The road is in great condition, and the shuttle drivers know what they are doing!

    Once you've arrive at the Couples Lounge and check-in, you shouldn't have long to wait for your shuttle--usually 15-20 minutes. Just long enough to grab a Red Stripe and use the bathroom facilities. Save your money for excursions or other things that you enjoy!

    Have a great trip!

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    Once you get to the airport, go to the Couples Lounge. The ride to the resort is about a hour and 20 minutes. The roads are paved (well maintained). They make a stop halfway, if you would like to get sometime to eat or drink. We have always opted not to stop. Its not worth getting any other transportation, couples takes very good care of their guest.
    Scott and Jen

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