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    Hey Randymon.... just a minor suggestion for returning guests. A few of us have led a good life, eaten too much, have been to Couples multiple times, but need something a bit larger than an XL on the shirt. Any chance you can stock some 2X, 3X, and may even one tent sized Tee-Shirts so ALL of us can show off we were at Couples? No pressure, but even though I'm not one of the beautiful people I'll be sitting in your lobby at CN in 2 weeks and sure would love to get a returning guest shirt that I can wear instead of give away when I get home.

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    I will second that ! I would even be willing to pay a small fee to get my husband a larger shirt. I am always so jealous of the couples who leave their vacation BOTH wearing their Couple's return guest shirt. Now, I am only able to wear mine on the way home. By the way, we are always approached by those staying at other hotels on the way home " so you stayed at Couples, how was your trip?". It has a been a good marketing tool !

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    rags722 everyone at Couples is beautiful!!!!!!!!

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    Have you asked at the resort for a larger shirt??? We have been able to get a 3XL and a 2XL at CSA in years past.

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    Just would like to snowball on the fact that I was asked 5 times about my stay at Couples in MOBAY and Atlanta airports on Monday, while wearing my return guest T-shirt home!!!

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    I have only asked at the desk once and was told those were the only sizes they stocked. The Returning Guest form has no option for larger shirts so I just accepted that as the way it is. In fact, last year I went into the gift shop just to buy one and the largest they had in stock (that day) was XL, so I'm at the mercy of Randymon.

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    I'll echo in on this. It would be nice if the resort store stocked a whole lot more L, XL, XXL sizes. When I want to purchase shirts, shorts, etc. all that seems to be on the shelf is S or M. Follow purchasing trends (Retail 101) and stock more of what sells more= more revenue.

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    I'm on the other side. Often they don't have small t shirts, and when they do, it's too big. A while back they had "fitted" shirts which worked a bit better. X-small would be a great addition as well, but either way I'm so very thankful for what I get. Love being a repeater!

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    At least you got shirts...last trip they were "out" and although they took our name and address, nothing was sent. I agree, larger sizes would be appreciated, both in the logo shop and for the repeater gift.

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    Be glad you got any. We were at CTI for our 6th Couples visit last December and they were "out" of all shirts during our entire stay. Candles we can get anywhere and the sparking wine is free so that was not much of a trade off. Still love Couples!

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    boo! no shirts, that's a bummer! hopefully they will be sent soon. I love my couples shirts. I really hope they are available when we arrive next month. I've got a collection to keep up.

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