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    Default I'm sure this has been asked...

    But who has the better night life CN or CSA?

    Thanks in advance
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    Csa !

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    CSA has a disco where CN does not.

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    I have only ever stayed at CN, but have always heard CSA for night life. But for me (odd person who likes getting up early) it usually looks like:

    6:30 a.m.>in room breakfast>gym or run>buffet breakfast>10:00 a.m. Dirty Bannana>beach>cocktail>hobie cat>cocktail>beach>cocktail>floaty>floaty w/cocktail>beach w/cocktail>(this part intentionally censored)>coctktail>(I should likely censor this part, too)>cocktail>shower>dinner>cocktail>cocktail>slee p@9:15 p.m.

    I just don't have the time for night life!

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    Lol...My timeline looks much like yours Bert, but...sleep isn't scheduled until around mid-night

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    Thanks All!

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    If you like to party, go to CSA. Please stay away from my resport - Couples Negril.
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    CSA has a disco that is open until 2am, depending on guest at time of your stay it can be empty. Our last stay it cleared out around 12 am not much fun, but the time before that there were a few of us who stayed till the last song.

    And just because someone is looking for some night life doesn't mean they are looking for a spring break type of party that might ruin the romantic feel of the resort. Some people while on vacation enjoy staying up late getting a little silly and as long as we do this with respect to others who might have other plans for their vacation there is room for everyone at any of the Couples resorts.

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    I couldn't agree more Red! While we have been to the Aura lounge and seen plenty of others there, I have never witnessed any Spring Break insanity of ANY kind!! It's funny Wally says this as I have seen other posts where people say CN is more the social/party atmosphere... Much love and respect to all and EVERYONE is welcome at ALL Couples!

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    I think the main thing the other veterans have failed to point out is that it is totallly hit or miss on almost a daily basis. We were at CN for ten days on our third trip last November and literally saw a different atmosphere almost every night. Besides, as with any place, any time, there are always people looking to party, but sometimes it takes a brave soul to bring them out. Be that brave soul... as long as you can do it without being obnoxious! Maintain the vibe of Jamaica at all times, and everything will be good, man.

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