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    Default montessori school across from cti?

    just wondering if anyone knows if the montessori school across the road from cti is operational? i noticed it last march on our honeymoon but never got around to asking about it. at home i work in a montessori school, so i was thinking about bringing supplies down and attempting to visit this school. any info would be great! thanks
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    Hi Jenn

    I never even noticed it. How long has it been there? And even if it isn't open now, you can bring supplies for other schools. And yes, it is possible to visit a school. Speak with someone at the front desk. We too bring lots of school supplies. It's nice that I work for A.C.Moore. It's like Micheal's but lots better.

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    My former mother-in-law took was the one who first introduced me to couples. 3 days at cn and I was hooked. She was a repeater and always packed a suitcase of supplies every time she visited.
    I have no idea how long the school has been there, but I'd love to visit it. We plan on bringing supplies regardless, but it would be very special to see a jamaican Montessori school, and very convenient.

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    I'm pretty sure that if you speak with Mr. Leonard Henry, the general manager, and if the school is open, he may be able to make the necessary arrangements.

    We met a couple on our first COR trip, that had been there around 20 something times. Syl and I looked at each other and wondered why anyone would go back to the same resort so many times. By the end of the first day, we had a whole new understanding. And we've never looked back. The past seventeen years have been some of the sweetest times of our 45 year sentence, sorry, marriage. Just meeting the people that have come through our life, has been an enriching experience.
    The year 2525, (thank you Zager & Evans), I will be 85. A scant 13 years from now. I have put aside, a cane, crutches, a walker, a wheelchair with adaptive tires for sand, Putting a third wheel on my motorcycle and a step up stool to get on it, and I'm keeping a bunch of people on standby. One way or another, I must be there.

    Life is much to short to worry about the details. Just live it.

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