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    Default CSS Mini Bar and Scuba

    Wife and I are heading to CSS in one week! Keeping up on the forum and reading reviews, really excited....couple questions.

    Seen lots of posts on mini bar types of liquors. My question is what BRANDS are available for in room mini bar? Can you request any brand the resort has available?

    We are really looking forward to the scuba lesson and dive option. Do you sign up for the initial training/lesson and go out and do the dive same day? Or do you spread them out on separate days?

    Thanks for the responses!

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    At CSS last month our mini-bar had:

    Appleton Rum
    Kirov Vodka
    Gilbey's Gin

    Am not sure if you can request other brands; we just stayed with what was there.

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    Here are the liquors we had in our penthouse suite 2 months ago:

    Here is our minibar request sheet from last August (2011). I think they are handing minibar requests differently now (just the last few weeks ???), so not sure if these are still the same options or not....


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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerandkaty View Post
    Can you request any brand the resort has available?
    The photo from JackieMRP reminds me that the flip side of the Mini-Bar "Standard" items (which did also list the Highlander Whisky shown in one of the 2 pics), had "Upgrade Items", for a price.

    As JackieMRP noted, they have recently changed things slightly on the mini-bar, but I'm fairly confident you could still ask for some of the "Upgrade" brands but would be charged for it.
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