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    Default Csa wedding 11/16/09

    Who else will be at CSA 11/14-11/19? My fiance Kyle and I will be married on the beach @ 10am on the 16th! We're so excited to get there and to say I DO!

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    We will be at CSA from 11/11 - 11/18 and will be getting marreid on 11/13 at Sunset. We are excited as well about saying I do on the beach at sunset.

    See you there!
    Tracy and Dan

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    We were just married at CSA 9/5/09 on the beach at 10:00 AM and everything was great. Not a cloud in the sky! I absolutely loved everything. The toast and cake in the garden was a bit HOT but short lived. Enjoy! and remember no problem mon!

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    Hi Danya,

    We will be there as we are getting married on the 19th. I'm sure we will see you guys there! Are you guys counting down the days like we are?


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    Yes! Every day Kyle and I look at eachother and tell one another how many days we have left. We are beside ourselvs with joy and excitement!

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