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    Default CN wedding photo info

    Can anyone contrast the cost of using the onsite photographer and an outside photographer like Stacey or Diana Cambell?

    Also please comment on the quality if you have used the onsite photographer.


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    Well for starters, there's a $500 resort fee to bring an outside photographer onto the resort. So on top of how much your photography package might be, which from what I've priced can be anywhere from $1000-$3500 depending on who you hire, can be pricy. The resort photographer is about half that but you are very limited on the number of pics you get and my personal opinion is that some of the pics look somewhat cheesy and posed. But at the same time I have seen some very very nice presentable wedding albums taken by resort photographers.

    If I were you, I would shop around and talk to different outside photogs and see what they're willing to offer you. And if it's not in your budget, look at some of the different wedding albums taken by resort photographers you see on the message board. When you find some you like taken at the resort you're going to, ask whoever posted it who their photographer was and I would request that person once I met with my wedding coordinator. You just need to do a little research!

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    There have been tons and tons of threads about photographers. I would use the search option on the top (once you login).

    I have read a lot that the resort photographers can make you feel rushed. And you have to purchase all the pics you want to keep. I really wanted a photographer who would give you the rights to all your pics to do what you want with (on CD). I found some outside recommended photographers to be WAY to pricy for me. I think Diana Campbell is one of the cheapiest (outside photographer), but Misha and Stacey were may faves and decently priced too. I ended up picking misha!!! and am soo excited and confident in my pick!!! it took me awhile to choose though...

    Good Luck searching

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