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    Default Verandah Suite at CSA

    My husband & I were thinking of coming to Swept Away in January or April. While scrolling through photos we saw a verandah that was semi-enclosed. My husband felt that those would be more private than the verandahs with wooden slats. I was wondering if anybody could tell me which room category has this type of verandah? This will be our 6th trip to Couples but our first to Swept Away.

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    The Verandah suites are in three categories garden, ocean and beachfront. All verandah suites are exactly the same. The only difference is the view. They all have flat screen TV's, mini fridges ad are in what is considered the new section closest to The Great House. The Verandah suites are our personal favorites.

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    I noticed there is also a Great House Verandah Suite. Has anyone stayed in this room? Name:  Verandah Suite.jpg
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    The verandah suite buildings are 3 floors with 4 suites on each level, so the end suites have slats and the middle suites have walls on both sides with no slats. I hope this makes sense to you??

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    We stayed in the Beachfront Verandah Suite this past August. I can say we were very disappointed in the room. It was small, dingy and the bathroom needed remodeling like 10 years ago. They did move us to the Great House Jacuzzi Suite which was fabulous.

    The only rooms I would stay in at CSA would be the GHJS or the Premium Beachfront Suite.

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    Thanks for the help. We're hoping to book soon & have to make up our minds what type of room to get. I didn't realize how hard this decision was going to be!

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    Decisions! Decisions! We have been twice to CSA and both times stayed in A Beachfront Verandah Suite. We loved it. The Great House Suites don't appeal to us..too much like a Holiday Inn. We like the tropical feel and proximity/view of the beach. We prefer a corner unit, but the others have the walls on both sides of the verandah, which I think is what you're referring to. Go to YouTube and type in CSA. There are loads of videos of the resort and that may help you decide! Have fun!!

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    We are returning to CSA for the 4th year in a row in April and spent our first year in the Great House Verandah Suite. It's about the same layout as all Verandah Suites, but I liked our view better. My husband has chosen not to return to the Great House, he thought it was noisier, but except for one night when a large group was returning to their room late at night and were clearly having a great time........I wasn't aware or bothered. We spend so little time in our room that we have been very pleased in all 3 locations so far.
    In fact, this will be our 16th trip to Jamaica and like I said, our 4th year in a row to CSA.

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