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    Default CSS - I should know by now

    Okay, need some quick help - We have stayed in Beachfront, Veranda and Ocean (or Garden?) rooms before. This year we're trying one of the Penthouse suites. I have seen folks talk about different "Blocks" on the mb and would like to know what to request or what the room options are. Guessing the view is different? Don't know. Going in January, so no big rush. Will ask for a certain block or room if there is a consensus. Last time we were to have an Ocean Veranda, but somehow got "upgraded" to a room in the woods with a tiny patio/deck/porch? Want to make sure we get it right this time. Thanks!

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    Here are the notes I have from the message board when we were reserarching whch Penthouse Suite to book. Can't help you first hand because when we arrived, we were given a free upgrade to the Mrime Minister's Suite (Sweet!!!!)

    CSS Penthouse Suites (from the message board)
    There are 10 penthouse suites, 5 in Block D, 4 on the top floor, 1 half a floor below, 4 on the top floor of Block E and 2 in Block C. I know none of the rooms in Block D or E have two bedrooms, not sure about C. Three of the rooms in Block D have two bathrooms.
    JackieMRP and others
    When we were at CSS in late April the 1st Penthouse suite we had was C-8 (the Pavarotti). It has 2 bedrooms & 2 full bathrooms. But, the 2 bathrooms are teeny tiny, w/ pretty much no counter space. And, the one bathroom (away from the beach side) had only a shower stall.
    We totally didn't like the setup or the views from C-8 (& it REEKED of smoke), so we were given D-14 & that was MUCH better for us. We still prefer D-21, but D-14 was a close 2nd. We were actually lucky that they had another Penthouse to give us, since there are so few of them !!
    You can't really request one of the 2-bedroom Penthouse suites; it's just luck of the draw if you end up in one.
    The Penthouse suites we've stayed in: D-21, D-14 & C-8 (for 1 night) (also stayed in non-PH: G-10, B-25 & F-7).
    Here's what I've found as far as Penthouse Suites go:
    C-08: Pavarotti (2 bedroom, 2 full bath) – Reeked of smoke
    D-20: Roger Moore (front left)
    D-21: Angela Bassett (front right) – Jackie’s favorite, one bathroom, wonderful unencumbered view of the ocean on a huge patio.
    D-14: Steve McQueen (back left) (extra 1/2 bath) – Jackie’s second favorite
    D-27: Harry Belafonte (back right) (extra 1/2 bath ?????)
    D-13: Prime Minister (far back left) (extra 1/2 bath)
    E-10: Jacaranda (one bath)
    E-11: Poinciana
    E-12: Frangipani
    In April, I looked quickly for the other Penthouse in bldg C, but couldn't find it (but, I didn't look too hard !!).
    Hi - we were in the E block - be aware that it is right next to the Balloon Bar where the nightlife occurs. It can be noisy. If you are night owls or like to hand out in the evening this is a good block. If you like early evenings (like us), it can be loud. Although the view is AMAZING....
    There are 4 Penthouse Suites on the very top floor of D block. 2 are at the very top of the cliff edge & 2 are set back a little more. The cliff where D is located sort of curves out there (it's not just a straight-across cliff), so all of the D Penthouse suites have ocean views.

    The "front" D PH suites have straight-out ocean views, as well as to the side. The "back" D PH suites only have ocean views to the side. This is probably not the best explanation of this!!
    We just stayed in D27 - the Harry Belafonte suite. Didn't like the view at first, but then after the 1st night - absolutely loved it. It has the ocean view with lots of garden to look over. The trees actually shaded our room which the other PHs didn't have as much of. Plus it gave us some privacy on our balcony for playtime (if you know what I mean) while we still had the ocean view. We could've had the Steve McQueen (D14) after the 1st night, or move to the E bldg, but we looked at both and decided to stay with D27. We decided staring at the beach just didn't appeal as much - no privacy. It's a pretty view also, but we loved D27! And yes, it had 1-1/2 baths which was great because my hubby stays in there reading!
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    Hi caveman,
    In all of our previous trips we have always stayed in Penthouse Suites, so here's my personal 411, so please take it as such, my personal preference.

    The penthouse suites in D Block have wonderful views of the main beach--for example D14 and D20, but then the suites on the back side of D Block have nice big balconies looking out to the Caribbean Sea--like the Angela Bassette Suite. If you get a penthouse in E Block you will get expansive views of the sea, but your balcony will not be as large. We have also stayed in C-8, the Pavarotti Suite. It has 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, but the balcony is smaller and the view is obstructed over the main beach by a beautiful palm tree, and you get a lot of noise from Palazzina. We love all the rooms. so take whatever room you are given and enjoy your vacation in paradise!!!

    One Love!

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    I'm thinking the penthouse suites are in the D block. Great views of the main beach you can still hear the water. One set of stairs to the Pallazina and beach area.

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    There are now only 9 regular Penthouse Suites:
    4 on the top of D block
    4 on the top floor of E block
    1 in C block

    The Prime Minister's Suite is now its own room category.

    You can't request a specific room or room block; just luck of the draw when you arrive. We've just been lucky to get our favorite (D-21 Angela Bassett) 3x now !!


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    Message Board Friends: Thank you for all of the insight. Best thing I learned is that we cannot request a spot...we're fine with the luck of the draw. I'm pretty sure that if there is any issue with the room that the staff will bust their butts to make some kind of a change. THAT'S the Couples way. You know, when you have the opportunity to be in Jamaica in January, is there really anything that could be wrong! When we arrive I will at least ask for Angela Bissette & D Block. The worst that can happen is that they'll say "no". We'll spend the holidays in NYC, slogging through the cold & snow, then on to the warm a cuple of weeks later on. Sure we'll be ready by then. Oh, by the way, we introduced our home bound friends to the "Bob Marleys" the bar taught me how to make. Good, but not the same as on the beach! We all got stupid.

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