Hi everyone! We just got back from our amazing wedding and honeymoon at CTI and wanted to share our experiences with everyone. I'm going to write this in sections, all in this thread, because I want to be detailed and it'll be easier to write this way. I'll also check back frequently for any questions you have. But I want to start this by telling you that it was a wonderful trip that exceeded my expectations for a romantic and fun honeymoon.

I'll start by talking about our flight. We flew US Air from IND to CLT then MBJ. It was painless to say the least. We really liked connecting in Charlotte instead of Atlanta. The airport was easy to navigate. We left on a Monday, and found that the airport in MBJ was not busy at all. We got through customs super fast and easy and on to the Couples lounge. There was only time for one beer before departing to CTI and Sans Souci.

Yes, the bus ride is kinda long. And the bus was crowded. My new husband and I are large people and were the last to board so we rode right behind the driver and had our chins practically on our knees most of the ride. But the bus is air conditioned and the ride through the towns is interesting, as we would have no other way of seeing most of the countryside otherwise. The driver was nice and would talk about the sights on the way, as well as the culture and customs of Jamaica. I recommend grabbing a bottle of water at the Couples lounge at the airport to take with you for the road. You can also take a beer on the bus. Then relax and enjoy the ride. It seems long, but it takes you to paradise!

Be sure to tip the guys who help with your luggage at the airport. And let them help you. Everybody's gotta make a living somehow, and hey, that five dollars means a lot less to you than it does to them.

Tune in next time for my review of arriving at CTI, check in, etc...!