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    Default Slow/Busy Seasons???

    After reading some of the posts and the responses I was just wondering, when are the "slow" seasons for Couples, and when are the "busy" seasons?
    And for those of you who have traveled to the SAME resort during both times, have you noticed a 'change' in the amount of activities or the closing of restaurants?
    I am curious because we are traveling to CSS in late Oct. and I have been excited to eat at Cassanova outside, but it sounds like it might be closed? Just curious.

    Can't wait to "Go and Know"~

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    This is the first time we have ever heard of the "slow season", we were at CSS in Sept 2010 + Sept 2011 with no problems, seems to be changing. This Sept it was only inside dining at the Cassanova and no buffet at Pallizina lunchtime, it was menu to order, which I found a bit disappointing as I enjoy trying different things. Now having to ring and order your mini bar and be in your room to sign for it, even if you pre check in your mini bar order on line it is not in your room on arrival. Not even water to make coffee. Not too sure what is happening as we love CSS and plan to go back next Sept, so will have to watch the message board to what is happening. But we still love CSS and hope they don't make too many changes as we loved it as it was. This was our 5th time there and never had this before.

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    Hey Brenda!
    When hubby and I go in December, the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, that is considered ultra-high season. The resort is usually at capacity and everything is in full swing--no reductions in staffing or restaurant service. I believe high season is December through May. I know when we go in July it is considered the slow season--the weather is hot and the pools are awesome! During July we have not seen a reduction in staffing or restaurants. These changes are new to me......I hope they temporary!

    One Love,

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    There is tap water to make coffee right ?

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    "Slow" and "Busy" (or High/Low) seasons are terms used for Jamaica in general for years and years, not just Couples, and most places appear to define High season as sometime in Dec. until some time in Apr.

    That said, for Couples, the full rate page can give you a sense that they follow those dates mostly (with some fluctuations for special times like Valentine's day and other holidays - look at both the "published" rates and the discounted rates).

    In our experience (we've been to CN every month except for April and June), we never had any difference in service/availability other than perhaps some items for a buffet. For example, maybe there were a slightly lower number of options for dessert, or fewer croissant types to choose from at breakfast. Pretty minor stuff.

    On our lone trip to CSS, we did notice the differences you've noted (between what others had posted to expect and what was available to us).
    We were explicitly told that the Pallazina lunch menu change and the Cassanova dinner changes were temporary. We don't know for sure, but believe those changes to have been made very recently (maybe started in August or even when we arrived in Sept.) Others posted reviews from July that said nothing about those changed.

    In our observation (again from CN) late July through mid September felt like much, much lower occupancy than other times, so hopefully things will ramp up by your Oct. trip and they will change back

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    Yes, correct, but not ideal for drinking, as been at CSS several times, we presumed that the mini bar that we had booked on check in would arrive, but oh no, it does not, you have to start from the begining, so we had NO bottled water in our our room for 20 hours, till we realised that you had to phone to have it delivered. No real problem , but wished we had known to start.

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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the insight!

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