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    Default Seeking information about CSA's private catamaran cruise?

    I'll be returning to CSA in a few weeks and would like some information about their private catamaran cruise. I've never heard about the cruise in all of our 6 visits there but I've recently read a few reviews where people have mentioned it. We always schedule the regular catamaran cruise that goes to Rick's but, from what I've read, this is different in that it's private and food and drinks are included.

    It would be helpful if anyone could tell me:
    * how you book the cruise
    * how long its for
    * where does it go
    * how much does it cost

    I recall reading a review where someone mentioned using their resort credit to pay for it. Does anyone know if that's a possibility? Any information provided would be helpful. Thanks

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    We just got back Monday and did the private tour. It is a lot of fun, we had them take us snorkeling and then to Rick's. They had sandwiches, a fruit plate, a cheese plate, Red Stripe, Champagne and Rum Punch for us on the cruise (you can also have them bring mixers for your bottles from the room if you like).
    Just go by the watersports hut and mention it to them, they will let you know when it is available, we left about 5 and were gone 3 hours or so. You can tell them where you want to go or just let them take you around, up to you!
    It was $120/couple if I recall correctly.
    You will find varying responses about the resort credits... It goes on your room charges as watersports and we were able to apply the credits to our room charges as a whole.

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    Can this be done with a small group--say 4 couples? Is the boat big enough?

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    They actually have a minimum of 2 couples so the 4 should be just fine! The boat is plenty big enough for 8 people and the crew.

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    Does anyone know if this is available at CSS? I know there is a reef there and the large cat cruise isn't available...can we get on a private cat cruise if we take a cab or resort transfer to CTI?
    Jan and Mark
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    CSA 2011, 2013
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