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    Default cti nude island in april

    This will be our second trip to a couples resort with first being at cn. We tried the nude beach at cn but my wife was not comfortable for 2 reasons. One being uncomfortable around others nude and the other being the nude beach at cn was not very private. We are planning on going to cti in april of 2013. We were wondering if the island would be crowded at that time and also were wondering what the april amigos are all about? We have read some threads and it sounds like the april amigos would be a lot of fun. actually it sounds like everyone at cti will be a lot of fun. My wife is outgoing and a lot of fun especially with a few drinks in her. Just not sure if she will stay on the island after trying it. We are planning to go April 20 thru 28. Is this a good time to go for someone who is nervous about being naked around others and is cti the right place? We are both 46 and are going to be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

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    This is our 3rd trip to CTI, and one of the main reasons we go there is because of the island. It is secluded from the textile side with no gawkers or vendors to worry about. Although it isn't that large, both sides are different. The middle and left side where the bar and pool are located are where most of the people hang out (no pun). The right side of the island is quieter and if you choose to be by yourselves, and not socialize, you can do that without anyone bothering you. Don't be surprised if you get to the bar start talking to someone and not make it back to your chair.
    We arrive on the 22nd in the afternoon and if time allows us to, we will head straight to the island, if not we will be on the first boat over on the 23rd. We will probably find you and your wife right in the middle with the rest of the partiers. I saw you signed in on the April thread, look forward to meeting you both.Don

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