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    Have gone to CN once, but the wife and I are thinking about Sans Souci. Was wondering if SSB was open in the evening. Also, I know the clothed come over for the sunset. Do they usually leave after the sunset or do they stay after that? Thanks

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    It gets really dark over there except for Tuesday night when they have a party over there. My wife and I went over one night and went into the hot tub similar like we did at CN. It was kind of creepy as dark as it was. I know other AN goers have had planned parties there but I think they have to pay overtime for security or something.

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    We went over there almost every night last January. It was a great time! It is pretty dark, but you get used to it, and the stars in the sky are awesome! Couples doesn't seem to care if you use the facilities at odd hours, as long as you respect the resort and other people. If you want couples to provide a bartender, there is a fee. Most of the time we just brought a few drinks from the room. We were mostly winding down anyway, and we didn't want to overdo it and ruin the next day!

    The clothed are allowed after 5pm, but we didn't really see any of them over there after dark except on the nights with organized activities.

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