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    Default iPod Docks in Room at CSA-

    Just a quick question on the iPod docks in the rooms at CSA, do they only work with iPods or do they work with other types of MP3 Players?

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    We were just there and the one in our room (Atrium Suite) was only for IPOD's as it had the standard pronged base. It may have had an AUX input I didn't notice as I had an IPOD, enjoy the trip, we miss home already!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Surfhary20, I'm not an iPod guy- prefer my android devices and Sony MP3. Hopefully the have aux inputs.

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    No problem!! A quick email to the resort may answer your question though. I am also an Android guy but had my old original IPOD I still use on vacation. Enjoy your trip!!

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    I don't have a standard ipod (that would sit in docking)...I have a shuffle and a nano. And I was able to plug into it. But I cant remember if it was with a USB or aux cord. I'm thinking it must have been via USB since I don't typically travel with an aux cord.

    You might want to "watch" the tripadvisor negril forums...seems like every so often you'll get a post from someone live at the resort asking if anyone has questions.


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    We brought our iPad and a Bose Bluetooth stereo. It only weighs two pounds and is rechargeable. Great sound and you can take it Out onyour terrace. We bought it in the spring and it has been going everywhere with us. It fold up like a book... Save saving too!

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    Kerlyran, we are also from Ontario,and are wondering where you purchased your Bose Bluetooth stereo? Do you plug it into your iPad?

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    Future shop. You don't plug anything into it... You use a bluetooth device( iPad, iPod, iPhone, android, Bb, etc). Very easy to pair up with your device and you can link it up to several devices. It is the Bose Soundwave.

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    Kerlyran... thanx for the tip. Of course, being a bluetooth it wouldn't be plugged in...Duh!!


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