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    Saturday afternoon.
    This is the yin.

    The wind outside is blowing around 10-15 mile per hour. The sun is high in the sky and glowing as always. However, this glow has no warmth to it. This beautiful butter yellow planet warmer, was doing no warming today. The temps. are in the low to middle 40s. There was frost overnight, and in some cases, a hard freeze. One does not have to be a meteorologist to interpret what soon will be upon us. Blustery, blowing, barrages of winter winds that howl both day and night. Even now, I shudder at the thought.

    This is the yang.

    Weíre 25 days away from returning to CTI for our 34 encounter. This thought alone raises my temperature a few degrees. For a moment here, I sat back and closed my eyes, and conjured up all that I have seen before, and all that I will see again. A tranquil and calming moment.

    I was going to wait another week or so before getting the luggage down to this room. However, with the weather being what it is today, this will more than offset the shivers I felt this morning going out for coffee. And the real winter stuff hasnít even arrived yet.

    Just staring at these two traveling companions, who have been responsible for keeping everything we take with us, safe and dry, makes me smile. I may even giggle, putting my hand over my mouth in an effort to muffle the sound. Why, I donít know, because Iím alone in the house.
    I think thatís a throwback from when we were kids in school and giggling in the classroom was, at the very least, frowned upon. Hence, the hand over mouth method was born. Of course, it never really worked. Everyone could still be heard making these very silly sounds that were coming out of their mouths. Itís pretty hard to stifle a giggle.

    Well, today, I am not stifling anything. No more holding back. The excitement seems to feed on itself and every so often, your brain gets this intense rush. Itís only for a split second, but long enough to put a smile on your face and make your whole body tingle or shudder or Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Over the course of the next 25 days, the well rehearsed routines that precede each adventure, will begin to enter our daily lives. There are notes and lists to be made. ďRemember this, donít forget thatĒ. Clothes to be gathered, stuff to be sorted.
    We go about our allotted tasks with a happy heart. Eagerly looking forward to all the enjoyment and happiness we will encounter and share with each other, and with friends and family.

    With just days left to cross off the calendar, we can now begin to release some of the stored up energy and emotions that we have tried to suppress in order to get through the long nauseating days preceding the trip. It isnít 200 days away anymore. Itís not someone else getting ready to go. It isnít someone else s post on the MB or FB, itís us. And weíre loving it.

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    Thanks for the lovely post Crabracer. I am going to re-address it in about 30 days in preparation for my trip!! I already alerted my husband this weekend that we are going to pack together and lighter this year. I just might get our suitcases out next week...I pack my vacation clothes in my suitcase instead of the closet while getting out those dreaded winter clothes.

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    I'm with you! Debated starting to make clothing piles last night, but luckily I have a baby to prepare fir that is keeping me busy enough! Soon come!

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    I hear you, 5 days out here and full of excitement!

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    We leave in 30 days, I have already started a "Jamaica" tote, putting summer clothes that would have been packed away by now in there, and after last week's read through the very awesome things to bring thread, we went shopping and tote is getting full! New cover ups came in the mail yesterday, things are progressing fast, but not fast enough!

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