I regularly go to my Travel Agents site to check prices for Couples. Randyman had a thread about the price of the One Bedroom beachfront at CSS.
Unfortunately for me in August and September the UK site was offering a free upgrade to them, made a big difference to the price. But because my husband and I are approaching retirement and really have no idea when we will stop working we always say we will be back to Couples “Health and Wealth” so we don’t book holidays as much in advance as we used to, a few years back I would have jumped at the offer.
We love CSS and stayed at a Beachfront in July and funnily enough found them perfect for us both with arthritis.
Well just looked again and the price has gone up a lot over £1K way over the budget now. Well that will teach me. But it means no Couples for us next year and possibly never again. Lesson learned. See it BOOK IT!!