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    Default At CSS now.

    This is our second trip " home". Last year was for our honeymoon, and we were so amazed we booked this one and next year back in January. We hoped that our first experience would be duplicated but alas it has not. It is MORE amazing!!! From the welcome home when we arrived and up till now, CSS and the staff have made our trip.
    We had requested a room in D block but that was not available so they gave us a room in G block. Well... All I can say is WOW!!! We have an amazing view of the main beach bay and are overlooking the mineral pool. We are so high up, it's like staying in a treehouse with a huge balcony with table and chairs and a lounger. We have spent more time out there than inside the room.
    We opted for a private dinner , which we had on our balcony because it was raining and it was so romantic. Amazing food and service and with the lightening flashing out over the ocean and the sound of the rain, candles everywhere, there is no way it could have been better.
    Dinner at Casanova last night was incredible. The casino night was a lot of fun as well.
    It was great to see many of the same staff from last year, and some other guests who we have stayed in contact with since last year are here again.
    Today is the beach party which will be fun.
    The one thing that amazed us the first time here is the romantic ambiance that this place has. It is an untouchable quality that we have never found anywhere else. Thank God it is still here.

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    We stayed in a "G" room ~ I remember walking into the sitting room and out through those balcony doors... seeing that amazing view from the balcony. Pure paradise! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! And say hi to the little geccos that like to hang out by the light on the balcony for me!

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    Which room in G block are you staying in?

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    I am so happy for you. Keep enjoying!

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    Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!! Say "hi" to Dalton for us at the front desk, and Kishawn at guest services!!! Also to Jheanel if you see her at the bar in Palazzina at breakfast or lunch!

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    We are arriving tomorrow 3rd and am so glad to read your post as we too were here two years ago and are hoping our memories were validated again with another romantic break celebrating 20 years of wonderful marriage.

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    We are in G 16. Absolutely an amazing room.

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    G Block rocks!! G8 was an amazing view, and I love the reference to being in a treehouse. That is exactly what it felt like So glad the second time around has been even better!

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    What is a "G" room? I'm confused

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    Each block of rooms has a letter/name designation. G block is the furthest block of rooms from the main beach and is built on the cliffs above the spa and mineral pool. At the other end is A and B block which are right behind the main beach and main pool.

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    G16 and G8, our two favourite rooms at the whole resort, lucky ducks!

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    Karen, this room is amazing although I have to admit we have spent very little time inside and most of our time on the balcony. The view and privacy are amazing. Our day starts with coffee on the balcony, then Pallazina for breakfast. Quick stroll over to SSB for the day for some fun and sun.
    We usually come back late afternoon and soak in the mineral pool before heading back up to our balcony before dinner and evening activities.
    The balcony makes this room.

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    Okay...G-16 sounds terrific!! We stayed twice in E-2 and thought that was pretty awesome! Started out one time in G-10 but it was pretty musty and the bathroom was tiny. View was great though from the G block. Not sure where we'll end up this time. Supposed to be A or B block but hope to upgrade. Can't really go wrong anywhere. 15 days to go!

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    Now you know why G block is our favourite! We too have the same routine you do, tea on the balcony in the morning, then breakfast at Palazzina and SSB for the day, simply wonderful. We were talking with Dalton last night and he told us you said hello to him for us, he's such a character!

    Please send us an e-mail when you get home and we can talk about getting together while you're in Cobourg!

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