First timer, arriving Friday at CSA! I have three questions that I need answered, if you guys would be so kind:

1) Tipping is prohibited, but I keep reading reviews of TA that talk about people tipping and staff eagerly accepting tips. Iím so confused on how this works. Could someone please give me some straight talk on this topic??

2) Iíd like to bright school supplies to donate. What do they consider to be most useful or needed?

3) I underwent LASIK 3 weeks ago and had wanted to go scuba diving, but Iíve heard that Iíll have to swim without goggles in the pool in order to get approved to go into the ocean. Iím a little nervous to do that, since my surgery wasnít that long ago and Iíd hate to mess something up. Can anyone let me know if this is true or not?

Thank you in advance for your help!