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    Default Possible to add 2 days without rebooking

    Hi - We are coming home next September for our 10th Anniversary (married at CN too), and want to stay an extra 2 days in order to have the vow renewal on our anniversary. Is it possible to add 2 days onto our stay without having to rebook everything? If we have to rebook we will loose our perks and great resort credits but don't want to stay elsewhere for 2 days. We understand we would need to pay current 2013 rates for those 2 days, just don't want to have to rebook the whole trip as we would loose out on a fair bit of resort credits - which we do use. Thanks

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    call them!
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    Simply make a second booking for the extended dates. no problem mon.
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    I've added days at the end of a trip before without having to completely rebook and did not lose any of my resort credits. All I did was call the 800# and they took care of everything and sent me an updated confirmation by email.

    Good Luck!
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