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    Default First time to CN

    We will be going to CN for the first time from 6-1 to 6-8 3013. What is the weather like there that time of year?

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    Barb and I have been down to CN once in mid-June and found it to be a bit hotter than springtime, though you can always can count on a cool onshore breeze to keep you comfortable (and the seagrapes and palms provide plenty of shade). We experienced brief storms in the afternoon as the humitdity builds, but they usually clear quickly, but can be downpours when they happen. Good time to hit the gym or some "down" time in the room. . .just be sure not to get caught on the hobie cats (like we did)!

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    Sorry for the typo, its 2013. Thanks for the input, this will be our anniversary trip and wouldn't want bad weather to ruin it. Really lookin forward to going and getting the experience of what CN has to offer.

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