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    Default Dolphin Cove from CSS

    Hello! We are going on our 1st trip to CSS for our honeymoon, Oct 11-18 and are so excited! I was reading some other posts about Dolphin Cove (DC), but still have some questions. We are planning on going to Dunn's River while we are there and DC...

    -should we split this into 2 days?
    -does anyone know around how much it costs to "swim" with the dolphins?

    We have checked out the cruise ship port time table, so we will definitely make sure we don't go to DR when the cruise ships are there, but would DC be that much of an issue?

    Any info would be appreciated! My fiance wasn't sure about going to DC and I have been talking him into I want to make sure I plan everything out and we have the best time

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    Hi there! We are going to be at CSS from 10/5 - 10/10, we'll just miss you! I have a pdf copy of the costs for the trips. You can either email me or post your email address and I'll forward it along to you. Hope you have a magical honeymoon. Congratulations!

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    The dolphin cove website

    will give you an idea of prices and what is included.

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    We went to Dolphin Cove last year and had a blast. The cruise schedule shouldn't be a problem, since they have a limit on the number of people in the groups, I believe. I don't remember how much we paid, but I do remember that they were offering a free "upgrade" so that we paid for the "middle" swim and got the full-on swim. Our group comprised about 7-8 people, which was basically my husband and me, as well as a family of a grandmother, mother, father and a couple of kids.

    The type of swim you choose will determine what time you go; I honestly don't remember what time ours was. If it's in the afternoon, I don't think it would be a problem to do it on the same day as Dunn's Rivers, but I'm not sure, to be honest. In any event, it's quite close to the resort, and transportation was easy-peasy (get picked up in front and driven straight there).

    If I remember correctly, they did allow for more extra time after the swim before pick-up, but there wasn't all that much else there that interested us. We asked our driver to pick us up a little earlier, and it was no problem. We did walk around the facility a bit, but the dolphins are the real attraction (IMO).

    I wouldn't worry about booking ahead of time. Just meander up to the lobby on one of your first days and chat with the tour-booking person. They're very helpful and can give you a lot more precise information.

    Hope you love CSS as much as we do!

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