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    HI family!
    Hope someone can help me. We are going back to CN for the 4th time. We are bringing friends. Now, the only place they have ever been to was Aruba. Well, my friend Moon, yup, thats his a big milk drinker and apparently in Aruba they use powered milk. Can some one tell me if they use real milk at CN? Obviously, I don't drink milk and that is why I am asking this question.
    Thanks in advance.

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    They used real milk at CTI. Which is a wonderful thing for my husband, because he HAS to have milk!!

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    I have never had powdered milk in Jamaica in 9 trips, so I do not think CN has powdered milk.
    Irie Mon

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    I have never seen powered milk but they milk they have is never cold. I like my milk cold.

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    Cti has real milk not sure but i would say that if cti has it cn will too

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    I agree with No1conner - The milk at CN is real milk (not powdered) but it's not cold. Milk is only good to me when it's ice cold ........ not cool ........ so personally I skip it.

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    Thanks all.
    Moon will be happy!

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