We were lucky enough to be at CSS when a nest of baby sea turtles was mature enough to be released. We (and most of the other guests at CSS) watched as the resident sea turtle expect here at CSS uncovered the baby sea turtles from their nest, put them in a container and then set them free on Sunset Beach to make their way into the sea. All of the guests present stood in two lines to make a "lane" along the beach for the baby sea turtles to travel to the sea. Of course the baby turtles took their own route which meant several of them crawled in and around and right over top of my feet! It was a once in a lifetime experience and completely amazing!

It's admirable that Couples is doing their part to help the population of sea turtles, and beyond cool that they invite their guests to be a part of it. One of the many, many reasons I love Couples!