My husband and I went to CSA a few years ago and found the beach very nice, food good and surroundings lush and pretty. My only complaint was I felt a little 'lost' at night; there didn't seem to be much going on and since the resort was reletively sprawling, walking through the resorts winding trails at nite felt a little 'dead'. We're definitely not party types but it was sooooo quiet.

I was wondering if any of the other 3 resorts feel a little more intimate at night in terms of steel drums bands playing & maybe outside dancing? We also enjoy dining outside. as much as possible for either an elegant dinner or casual lunch. Is there another resort that seems to offer what I'm describing a bit more than CSA?

By the way, CSS looks very pretty, but I am concerned about the beach. Is the area big enough to at least offer hobie cats like the other resorts?