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    US Airways made a formal offer mid-November to AA's debt holders (AA is in bankruptcy) reported on Dec. 7 after AA reached new labor deals. The deal could close as early as January.

    US Air makes AMR merger offer, Jan deal possible: source - Yahoo! Finance
    I have flown AA the last 4 otu of 5 trips to couples out of chicago. Looking to book again and noticed that in the last few weeks the prices have gone way up. I have had the same problem with Airtran switching my flights when flying to other places but their price right now beats AA hands down.

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    Traveled AA through Chicago on 12/12 and 12/19 and had no problems. Technically, there was the Blizzard-related cancellation of our connecting flight home on the 19th, but that was not American's fault and I had a call from them about it when I powered my cell phone on when we landed in Chicago.

    As far as I can tell, the flight times never really changed from when we booked them in July.

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    well, our flight out of madison did get delayed due to a maintenance issue. they then had to fly someone in to fix the part. however i overheard the captain speaking to another worker and apparently he knew some "trick" to make it work. if you jiggled this and then flipped that...
    our flight took off several hours late, but safely. we flew in to chicago but by that time had missed the direct flight to mbj. we were routed to miami and eventually got to couples around 11 pm. we missed a day and the repeater's dinner. it was quite a bummer to spend a day, and a bunch of $$$ in airports, but again, we did get there safely.
    this could have happened with any airline, it just seems to happen a bit more with american right now.
    oh yeah, my armrest was broken and ripped my pants. bummer

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    We have been watching airfare since booking the hotel only portion back in October with the special. AA was the cheapest by over $100 a person. From Phoenix was around $580 a person, Delta/United was around $800. We finally decided that since airfare hadn't budged at all to book our trip with AAvacations...we had done the loveaway thing back in October and wasn't an issue cancelling that. Ended up getting air for about $420 a hoping Miami airport has improved

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    We just recently booked our flights for our trip(3/29-4/6) and are trying the AA direct flight out of Ohare down to Jamaica. This is our first time taking this flight and are taking the direct flight back which we have used in the past. In fact last year we took a voluntary bump and received vouchers that we had to use up so that is why we are using AA again.

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