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    madtown mom, We had trip insurance and cancelled without a problem. We just rebooked on Delta for our trip to Cozumel (not Vegas) We had booked the trip through Apple and they were very helpful. No change in fee. I would never fly on AA again. I feel for the workers too, but they might have trouble getting hired elsewhere after this stuff.

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    We are buying trip insurance this week, mainly bc I will be 32/33 weeks pregnant when we are there. Bc I bought our flight by myself seperately, i'm not seeing much coverage that will insure my flight. At least not unless I have a 6 hr delay.
    American hasn't changed it yet, I just don't want to be stuck on travel day with a bunch of nonsense! I would be so sad to lose a day at the resort! And I paid a lot more so I could kepp the schedule this flight provides.
    Maybe I'll be lucky. We at least fly home air tran

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    Jules, we came back last night. three plus hour delay in Mobay then the changed flight was delayed two hours. Got home 2.30 AM. Not flying AA again. Their attitude at Miami was dreadful.

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    Madtown mom,

    Our new flights got booked through AA as well. They did not change our carrier. So far our flight has stayed the same. Keeping fingers crossed!

    Only 4 months 16 days 14 hours till we arrive in paradise!!!!! ( barring any more delays of course (knock on wood))

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandj View Post
    Their attitude at Miami was dreadful.
    Funny you mention this; I nearly lost my cool with the sassy Rebooking Desk staff in MIA.

    That said, our flights were perfect and arrived early, after leaving on time.

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    I checked our flight on line and it appears to be almost full, so hopefully they will keep it as is. Thanks everyone for your stories and ideas. I find them helpful! Please keep me informed. One month to go!

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    Your topic made me curious. I thought I was being smart and booked as soon as possible (as soon as the booking window would allow) . Our trip isn't until May 2013, but I booked two months ago. Just checked the news for AA and they recently reported a third quarter profit and have renegotiated 8 of 9 labor contracts - which sounds promising. Then I went to their website and created an account in order to reqest email notification of potential changes - don't know if it will work, but it seemed worth a try. Finally, I plan to check their website every couple of weeks for changes; at least until we get closer, then I'll probably be checking hourly.

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    Sorry to hear that Deb. We also found their attitude bad in Miami. We did risk AA again and have just got back from Vegas, with no problems.

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    We go to CSS this sunday. We normally fly out of Tampa connecting in Miami. Because of the AA problems we are driving to Miami so there is only one flight each way. However, we were very dissapointed when the canx the 2:30 retun flight to Miami now we have to leave CSS early to catch the 12noonish flight!!!!

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    We were able after multiple calls over a number of days to catch the right agent at the right time and we got switched from our minimum layover time connecting in MIA flight to the non stop. Hallelujah! My stress level dropped like a rock when we got that confirmed! So now I check our reservation out a few times a day every day now to make sure there are no changes. So far, so good. Glad to hear they are getting their labor issues solved. Good luck to all - just four weeks to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjprescott View Post
    We go to CSS this sunday. We normally fly out of Tampa connecting in Miami. Because of the AA problems we are driving to Miami so there is only one flight each way. However, we were very dissapointed when the canx the 2:30 retun flight to Miami now we have to leave CSS early to catch the 12noonish flight!!!!
    Looks like you're going to be with us! Really funny, but we are Prescott's also if that's your last name!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Softiee26 View Post
    I'm so glad someone posted about this. We booked our flights back in May for our January 2013 trip; and we got a steal with cashing in miles on Us Bank which we have done the last couple years. We usually fly Delta; however American offered a deal of 20,00 miles a piece so we booked right away. Well I checked our flights on Sunday and our return flight from MBJ to MSP had been pushed back 4 hours; so we would now have to leave the resort at 7:00am for an 11:30am flight. Needless to say we were both upset; one due to the fact that American did not bother to contact us with the flight change and two being the fact that we liked the 4:00pm flight departure as we want to spend all the time at CN as we can. We did call American Airlines and expressed our displeasure and they did end up rebooking us for no charge on a different flight that now leaves later. I will now be keeping an eye on our flights on a weekly basis and I would encourage anyone else who is booked with American to do the same thing.

    Ashley & Terry
    I would stay away from AA if at all possible. My husband and I went to CTI for our 3rd trip there back in August. We had no problems going there, but we caught hell coming back. Our flight was delayed for 5 hours in Montego Bay due to "weather", but low and behold the sun was shining. Once we finally arrived in Miami to connect, the airport was literally shutdown. The pilot made an announcement prior to landing so that other passengers would be courteous enough to allow connecting passengers off the plane first. Guess what, over 90% of all passengers were connecting. We got to Miami at almost 10 at night. AA had to reroute two full to capacity planes coming out of Montego Bay and because of this my husband and I had to spend the night in the airport (It took almost 2 hours to get a new ticket to be rerouted). AA only offered us a discounted hotel room, no meals or anything. Keep in mind, we didn't eat in Jamaica before boarding because the flight times kept getting changed. Our experience with AA was absolutely horrible! I got back home the next day and complained to customer service and they provided a $200 discount for me and my husband, but honestly who wants to go through that again.

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    My husband and I are at CSS now and I can honestly say that I haven't flown but maybe 10 times in my life, but this was probably one of the most pleasant experiences I have had. I say don't worry about it, have a positive attitude and just RELAX!!! I got all anxious for nothing. They did cancel our return flight and we now have a 9:10PM departure from Miami with an 8 hour layover, but my sister in law lives there so we just get to spend time with her! No worries mon!

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    That's terrible! Yuck

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    Hi everyone, just bumping the thread to see, hopefully, if things have improved with american airlines. anyone travel with them recently that is willing to comment? thanks!

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    We had no problem canceling our AA tickets, madtown mom. We had purchased cancel any reason insurance so we lost that money. It was worth it to us. We, too, had non stop flights to and from ORD to MBJ and they both got changed to lay overs in Miami. It is just too much to believe it isn't the workers and pilots when so many of us were ready for take off when a "light" came on. I get that the workers are mad, but it isn't the travelers fault. AA tickets are so cheap right now for our return trip to CSA next September but I'm not even tempted.

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    oh no, we are flying AA in Feb. They have changed our flight schedule once alreay, I figured it was probably "normal" flight changes. Hopefully we don't get caught like others have posted. We're leaving Detroit early so we are expected to be at MoBay around 2-3ish. We're planning on staying in Detroit the night before out flight and after so hopefully we don't get stuck in Dallas or Miami either way...
    CN Feb 2013

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    Crabracer - I'd travel with you any day. You have the right attitude for living life to its fullest. Attitude is everything!

    The reality of flying is there is no such thing as a perfect airline. Maybe perfect flights here and there but to simply rule out an airline and switch to another with the thoughts that all will be good with the new is just setting yourself up for possible disappointment.

    My husband and I have been flying for years and on many different airlines. Not one airline is perfect and provides 100% expected customer service 365 days of the year.

    Spending time with a loved one on vacation should be enjoyable and stress free. If it so happens that something gets altered a little and you aren't in the perfect setting at the exact time expected, just look at the one you love and be thankful you even have the opportunity to be together. Airline problems are what you make of them. If you fly enough, the reality is you will someday encounter the not so perfect.

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    We are flying AA in Feb. too, stop over in Dallas. They changed our flight once and hope they don't do it again!
    We just keep checking every now and again...

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    Our flights got changed for our Dec trip. And the new flight times were horrible! I called AA and said that the new times won't work and asked what my options were. They understood and asked if different flight times were better. They let me pick new flights and rebooked me for free. Hopefully it goes smoothly when we travel, but so far no complaints with the new flight times. Advice when calling...the changed flight will not work with my medical condition. That was why I purchased my original flight times. Also be polite. You get more done when they like you.

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    Just got back from 8 great days at CN. Thought I would let everyone know that our flight with AA direct out of chicago went perfect! In fact our flight was 30 minutes early. We got off the plane and we were in the Couples lounge within 15 minutes!Wow! Last trip took 2.5 hours!!!!

    Flight home was smooth as well. Service boths was was friendly and professional.

    Either we got completely lucky, our AA has turned things around.

    Going back in May and wont hesitate to book thru them.

    Just thought I would let those going know what we experienced. I was worried sick reading all the bad stuff people went thru!

    One Love!

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    Yikes! I feel for everyone here! I have noticed this behavior as a bit of a trend lately. We are flying airtran out of boston. I adore airtran but lately I have noticed that they put several flight options up for sale and then when they cant fill them, they move people around also.... We booked pretty good flight times for our CSA trip in a couple weeks for a fantastic price. Then we were notified a few months back that they had changed our return flight. Originally they had 3 flights that day. We booked the latest with the best connection. The earliest and latest are now cancelled and they moved us to the middle, less desirable flight. I am with all of you in that iy is really irritating to select the most desirable option and in most cases pay more for it, just to be moved to a less desirable and probably cheaper option with no refund... We had the same thing happen our last 2 trips to florida also.

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    Well great! I'm stuck with American with an hour and ten minute connection in Miami. Is the trip insurance worth it in this situation, and how do I check the status for these flights since their in May. When can I start checking on them? Wishing everyone luck with their flights!!

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    AA have settled the dispute, so Pilots have stopped writing bogus maintenance report s at the last minute. Things should be better and probably they will end up being bought out by US Air.

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    US Airways made a formal offer mid-November to AA's debt holders (AA is in bankruptcy) reported on Dec. 7 after AA reached new labor deals. The deal could close as early as January.

    US Air makes AMR merger offer, Jan deal possible: source - Yahoo! Finance

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