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    Default Making Plans to come back to CSA

    Ok I am in the process of making my reservations to come back to CSA in April 2013. Just a few questions, does anyone know if you can get a group rate for less than a group of 10 couples? We may have us and 3 other couples and just wondering if that is an option? Also once we make are reservation is there away that we can request the same room that we had last May? I loved it and would really like to have the same one if at all possible? and the last question is on the resort rewards, I believe we are at the first level because we only stayed 5 days last time, so does that mean we only get the repeaters dinner and are able to go to the other resort for the day or do they add our 7 days on right away so we get the tshirt and $100 credit?

    Looking forward to coming back to CSA in April it can not get here soon enough!!

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    You can only make a room request when you arrive at resort. Rewards are added after stay, guess you will have to come back after this trip too.

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