Hello all,

I am planning my honeymoon for July, 2013 and am strongly considering CSA. I do have several questions though.

1) My fiance and previously visited Montego Bay and Punta Cana and stayed in very "modern" AIs. I keep on reading about CSA having "rustic" rooms. Is that code for dated? I know tripadvisor reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt, but almost all the negatives reference how the rooms are not befitting to a 4/5* resort.

2) Also, the resort seems very spread out. Roughly how long of a walk is it to the major points in the resort (beach, pools, restaurants, lobby, sports complex?) While we're not against walking, I would not want to have to walk 10 minutes every time I want to get food.

3) Are there lots of random people (locals, people from other resorts) using the beach?

4) I know there really is no room service, so what food options are there after midnight or so?

Thanks in advance! This msg board is an amazing resource.