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    Default Blue Mountains tour from CTI

    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I leave for CTI on Saturday!!!! We couldn't be more excited. We've been reading up on a few extra things we'd like to pack into our stay (belated honeymoon & 5 year anniversary...hubby was deployed to Iraq when we got married).

    We've been hearing a lot about the Blue Mountains tour and have seen some AMAZING photos. Was wondering if anyone has gone to the tour from CTI? How long it takes to get there, if there's anything we should bring extra, if it's an all day thing. Any info helps!!


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    I highly recommend and it is an all day thing. Take a light jacket and wear jeans or longer shorts as it gets chilly when you get to the rainforest part of the tour. It takes about 3 hours to get up the mountain and you stop on the way up at an open air restaurant for brunch and coffee. Once at the top, you bike down the mountain and the bus follows along in case you tire of biking. They will stop from time to time for photo ops and once at a waterfall where you can swim. It has been several years since we did the tour, so the routine could be a bit different now. The mountains are spectacular.

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    What tour group does Couples use for this and what is the cost?

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    Thank you for the reply! We're going to be sure to book this when we arrive and take it all in; the photos are beautiful and I'm sure they're just that much more amazing in person.

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