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    Default csa a short review

    ya mon, just got back from swept away saturday, had a very good and relaxing trip, this trip made 36 times home, our flight on us air from milwaukee thru charlotte was good and on time, walked thru the airport at mobay and soon on our way, arrived at csa with hugs and warm smiles, headed to our rom and off to the grill for their famous jerk chicken, awesome, the beach has reallycome back since march, down by the old rooms the beach is almost doubled, so know the volleyball is right by the water sports hut, did some sailing and hanging out on the beach,
    had a nice chat with lee issa, he had some very interesting comments, and of course we shared with him some of our thoughts, one of our highlights was going to couples negril to otaheite, their fine dining restaurant, had dinner with ricardo bowleg, he was doing good and shared info on his son back in the states, the dinner was very good, service was up to standards and also met a couple from wausau there,
    our other hight light was going to the school csa helps sponsor, mt aries preschool, we arranged earlier of taking a lot of school supplies along, shelly simpson did all of this and she went along with us when we went to visit the children, we did stop on the way and bought the children their morning snack which was a juice box and cookies, it cost about $50 but well worth it when you see the smiles on their faces,
    the food was very good at all the restaurants, service was good but because of the occupancy there was a noticeable cut in staff compared to march, but didnt seem to effect their performance, entertainment was seldom seen, they moved the nightly entertainment up to the auroa lounge except for the friday night beach dinner and the silver birds steel drum band, which was still in the palms, the mini bar in the room was really full all the time, it seemed they have switched to coke products vs. pepsi, but no matter i guess,
    weather was really good, only a little rain on friday after noon for and hour or so, did see the new dive boat, awesome, it was being used a lot and the scuba people really liked it, now back to work and counting down for our next trip in march,

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    Glad to here you had a great trip. Also good to hear that Ricardo is doing well. We too are going in March and will spend a few days at CN and hope to catch up with Ricardo. First time at CN. The bulk of our vacation will be at CSA and looking forward to meeting you. Also nice what you did for the school.

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    Hi Wayne-- I'm glad that you had another great trip.

    Any photos of the beach??? I'd love to see them.

    See ya in March--Yaz

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    Wayne, how was Ray doing? Has he adjusted to the new schedule? Glad you had a good trip home.

    it's all about the kids

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    ya mon randy, swept away was as good as always, the beach vibe would say is not the same, as you know ray is only there on tuesdays and fridays, janet and dainty are only there friday and sunday, so it seems pretty empty of vendors, it was always fun just to sit around by them and listen to them joke around,
    well, as far as ray bell, if your job cut you down to 2 days a week, how would you be doing? he is struggling, he does take orders and comes back to the lobby to deliver his shirts and painting, at least he is able to do this, and i guess he can be thank full he has 2 days, lee offered him to go down to idle awhile, but this time of year there is no beach traffic, so that doesnt really pay yet, so time will tell and maybe the rules will relax just a little bit so that he can get a day or 2 more at sept away when things pick up

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    Wayne, thanks for the update. We wish them all well. Better days soon come I hope.

    it's all about the kids

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