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    Default Honeymoon at Couples Negril

    We're headed to Couples Negril for our honeymoon on October 7th and are so excited for some downtime! We have stressful jobs and are looking forward to relaxing. Having never been to Jamaica or Couples we wer Hopi ing to get some tips or guidance on what we should be looking to do while we are there and parts of the resort that others have found to be fun, relaxing or interesting. Thanks for the input in anticipation of your responses!

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    A honeymoon at Couples Negril is a great idea. We did it 6 years ago and it was perfect. You really don't need any advice except to stay on the resort and don't schedule any off site excursions. The resort has so much to offer, you really want to take it all in. Take the included excursions like the Cat Cruise, Glass Bottom Boat, Snorkeling, Scuba, Water Skiing, Sailing and so forth.
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    I think that we'll probably do the cruise and some sailing. I'm looking forward to some beach and pool time. Since we're staying in a beachfront suite, I anticipate that we'll be spending a lot of time on the beach. What are tge restaurants/bars like? Does anyone have any recommendations relating to the restaurants or bars?

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    Experience them all and enjoy the experience.

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    I was in your shoes as far as being new to couples and jamaica untill this past august. Me and my wife renewed our Vows. Anyways I know you concerned on how to plan but trust me when you get there have a look over the balcony take a deep breath and then you will realize your in paradise. I would recommend the orientation tour. First thing you need to do is slow down you got time to do what you want, dont feel rushed just relax and enjoy. You are in for the time of your life. Try all the places, check out the menus for different days and decide what type of stuff you want and and then know where to go.
    Snapper sandwiches at the beach grill are great, entertainment at the Casava Terrace is awsome, Make sure you get a Bob Marley shot once you get there.
    P.S. say hi to Jamion aka Jamie Fox, Menard aka Pokemon, and Candace they are all on the entertainment team and they will help you have a great time tell any of them Duane & Kat said hi and to show you around. They are great people as all the people that work there are.

    Have fun wish I was going back while you are there I miss CN so much

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