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    Default Last trip to Couples....

    Nearly 17 years ago we celebrated our honeymoon at COR and fell in love with Couples. We promised to return ďhomeĒ every 5 year anniversary to recharge ourselves and our relationship while basking in paradise. We made the first trip, but the 10 year anniversary coincided with both the birth of our son and the beginning of my wifeís battle with cancer. Having been pregnant when diagnosed with breast cancer, the surgery, chemo and radiation destroyed any chances of our return for quite a while, if ever. While she survived the breast cancer, the radiation treatment caused another cancer to form on her chest wall, requiring more surgeries. And a few years later, they found a brain tumor, which thankfully was grade two and close to dormant.

    After reconstruction surgery, we returned to CTI in August, 2010 full of joy, relief and love. We renewed our vows and celebrated 15 years of love and making it to 40 years of age. We truly cherish every moment we spent together during that week. It was deeply spiritual and represented not only our return to CTI and our original plan, but also a return to normal. Not a day goes by that we donít make a reference to that trip. During that trip we also went to Sans Souci, and having fallen in love with that resort as well, altered our plan so that every 5 years we go to CTI and once in between we go to a different Couples Resort. Couples isn't just a hotel for us, its become a passion. Everyday life doesn't allow for the quality of time which we spend together when at Couples. Being there takes us back to the way we felt about each other when we first fell in love. Its truly intoxicating to us.

    Now the hard part. Earlier this year my wife underwent brain surgery to remove the no longer dormant tumor. While the surgery was a success and she emerged unharmed, the tumor had advanced into a glioblastoma. Ted Kennedy and Gary Carter most famously had this type of tumor and life beyond 2 years is rare. We had to put off any vacations in order to deal with more treatments, scans, radiation and doctors. You canít plan anything because you might be in surgery or have bad side effects or symptoms. The one place she wanted to go before the disease progressed is Sans Souci. So weíve finally been able to pinpoint some time, between chemo rounds and scans, to travel.

    So this Wednesday we return to Couples to stay at Sans Souci. Itís not a triumphant return as our 2010 visit to CTI was. This trip is meant to relax, recoup and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. As excited as we are to go, itís bittersweet as this is very likely the last trip to Couples for both of us. We will enjoy every minute of it. But if you see a couple crying on the bus to the airport, you'll know its us.

    My advice is to live each day as if its your last. If you are still reading this and you are on the fence about going on vacation, youíre crazy. Just do it, remember every moment, and donít let one another forget.

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    Wow, that is a powerful story and my heart goes out to you and your wife. I am so sorry to hear that her outlook is grim. Just remember, Christ can do all if you call on him. My prayers go out to you and your amazing wife and I pray that this trip ignites something inside of her that leads to a full recovery.

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    I too was diagnosed with IBC (agressive breast cancer) in 2007shortly after our son was born, we have regularly planned kid-free vacations since then, with Jamaica being our favorite. We will be leaving in 22 days to CN. So many of our friends have never been away since their honeymoon and I always tell them that they need to live each day as if its your last because you never know what's lurking around the corner. Have a wonderful trip, my prayers are with you both.

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    Enjoy your trip CSS. Sometimes life gives us challenges and it's up to us to as individuals to deal with them as best we can and thank goodness Couples offers that serene place in our troubled world to relax, renew and re-energize ourselves. May your mrmories carry your through your hard times to come. Bless you both and may wife be strong and survive another chalenge in her life. Prayers are with her.

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    Your post is very moving and such wise advice - to live each day as if it is your last.

    Enjoy your trip to Sans Souci - our prayers are with you both at this time. Hopefully you will both find renewed strength from this visit and we pray that it will not turn out to be your last trip to Couples.

    Mad about tennis

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for the reminder of how precious our time together is and to cherish every moment and memory.

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    You sound like an amazing husband. I hope that you guys have a wonderful time of relaxation and come back rejuvenated. You all will be in my prayers.

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    You sound like an amazing husband. I hope that you guys have a great time of relaxation and come back rejuvenated. You all will be in my prayers.

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    Bright Blessing for you and your beautiful wife. Enjoy every second of every day you have together.

    Biggest hugs ever ;-)

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    cti fan, so sorry to hear about your problems. Enjoy the trip, and remember it will be a memory for ever. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you during this time. Keep us informed.

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    There is such sweetness in your love for your wife. I hope this trip will not be your last, but your best. You are both in my prayers.

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    Thank you so much for the perspective. God bless you, and your wife and family. Very well said my friend. I will certainly take note. Take care...

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    I finished reading your post with tears running down my face. Your sentiments are so true and thank you for providing a much needed reminder. I hope your upcoming trip is wonderful. You, your wife and your family are in my prayers.
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
    CN 2015

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    God Bless your wife, you and your family. She will be in our prayers.
    Have a wonderful time at CSS ~ What a beautiful location to celebrate being together and so in love.
    Your quote is so very true. Life is so precious. Don't put off the important "stuff" like being together.
    "My advice is to live each day as if its your last. If you are still reading this and you are on the fence about going on vacation, youíre crazy. Just do it, remember every moment, and donít let one another forget."

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    Very touching, and a good reminder to appreciate who and what we have in our lives! I'm glad you are able to return to Couples one more time.

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    I am in tears, and although I don't know your names I will be praying for you. Cancer is so nasty and your wife has survived so much already, I pray for strength, peace and a relaxing visit to CSS.
    Please know that my husband and I adhere to your philosophy of ~living~ everyday ... as a bone and kidney cancer survivor myself, we know there is no guarantee for any of us of a tomorrow. Your message just may inspire someone else, another couple to do the same.

    God Bless you and your wife,

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    Wow!! As much as I want to cry, I am also so very grateful for you taking the time to write this amazing post about you and your beloved wife. I wish you and your wife nothing but the best...a fantastic vacation, and my thoughts and prayers are with you your wife and family. This post has truly put some things in perspective for me. May God bless you both!!

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    I can't think of a better place to go and with a little luck, forget about all the stress of normal life. I am sure this will be the best trip you have ever had to Couples.

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    My husband and I were at CTI with you in 2010. We spent time on the island with you, sat at the repeaters dinner with you and even went on the bus with you to CSS. Your wife and I spent time talking about school because I am a special education teacher and your wife is a speech therapist. We enjoyed your company. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.
    Andrea and Fred

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    there are no words to describe how i feel after reading this post. we lost my sister-in-law to cancer earlier this year. in 2010, between her treatments, we were able to take her and her husband to couples for their first (and only) visit and share our love of all that is couples. this year we were planning our trip for next year when everything was going downhill for my sil. i can only agree with ct ti fan, enjoy life as you can, and take every opportunity possible to enjoy your significant other. at couples and at home, every day needs to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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    I teared up reading this! I hope yall have an amazing fun and safe trip! My prayers go out to your wife!

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    My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you are able to find the peace and relaxation you deserve. Enjoy your vacation.

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    Hi ct ti fan!
    Your post brought tears to my eyes! I wish you and your courageous wife a wonderful vacation at CSS! You are so right---appreciate each day you have with the one you love!!!

    My prayers are with you!

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    Ct Ti Fan,

    Sounds like you have been through hell and back. I don't envy the hand that you and your wife have been dealt, but with faith and a positive attitude like yours, I'm sure things will be great, for as long as God is willing. I think you CAN look at this trip as a triumph. She has already lived through more than many with similar health issues.
    My wife and I have recently lost our brother in law, her sister's husband, to leukemia. We watched him fight and suffer through all that goes with it for the past two years. 3 times on life support in ICU, c-diff, sepsis, phenomena, infections, etc. He lived through more than most could bear, and never gave up. Always had a smile and a joke through it all.
    I think your wife must have the same strong heart. I'm sure she draws a lot of strength from you as well.
    Gillian and I will be joining you at CSS this Saturday, and I would be very happy to meet you.

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    May God be with you both and your son through what lies ahead and may he bless you with an amazing return trip to Couples. You will be in my prayers! You know better than anyone not to take anything, anyone or any moment of your life for granted!

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