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    Default Deluxe ocean verandah vs. One bedroom ocean suite

    We are starting to plan our first Couples trip for April 2013! We are not new to AI but new to Jamaica and so excited! A little about us we are late 20's and married this past June. We loved our honeymoon so much we want another vacation! I have a TON of questions but I'll just start with one now After looking at the website it seems like the one bedroom ocean suite is for us, but I would like opinions. We want a great view, and don't care about walking. We also want a large balcony we can lounge on and have breakfast, a bigger bathroom would also be a plus.

    What are your thoughts on rooms choices, and any particular rooms you recommend? Any others suggestions for Couples newbies are appreicated! What's the typical age range at this resort? We didn't like the party atmosphere at our honeymoon resort in Mexico, but we definitely want some activities.


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    There are four resorts, so it's a good idea to tell people which resort you're asking about.

    As far as particular rooms, Couples has a policy in place that prohibits guests from requesting a particular room, floor, or building before arrival. While Couples permitted it in the past, bad behavior by guests whose request could not be honored upon their arrival and who thought the word "request" was synonymous with "order" led to the no-requests policy. You can make a specific request at check-in, however.

    Since you've never stayed at any of the resorts before, why not simply accept the room offered. There was a woman on the MB who solicited advice about which building was best at CN. Someone posted telling her how much she absolutely loved the building she stayed in, so when the original poster arrived at the resort, she rejected the room initially offered (without seeing it) and asked for a room in the recommended building.

    As she became familiar with the resort, she noted the building in which the staff had intended to place her and was disappointed that she had requested a change b/c, for her and her husband, the location of the original room would have been preferable.
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    Sorry, I'm talking about CSS


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    Thanks, but that's not really my question. I'm asking about the views etc. differences between deluxe ocean verandah, one bedroom ocean suite at CSS. I will gladly take any room offered to me, thank you for your thoughts and example. I'm asking about which category of room should I purchase when making my reservation. As stated in my post, views and a large outdoor space are important to us.

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    Well, you have chosen a very beautiful and romantic resort for your first trip to Jamaica! You are going to love it!!

    For us, we prefer the one bedroom ocean suites to all of the other categories, in particular, the ones on the second and third floor of G block. They have very large private balconies. G 6, G 8, G 14 and G 16 all have amazing views and large bathrooms, with huge walk-in showers and double vanities. You can't reserve a block or room ahead of time, but when you check in , you can ask if one of those rooms, or one similar, is available, and if it is, they will gladly put you in that room. The front desk staff will do whatever they can to make you happy!

    The age at CSS ranges from early 20's up to the 70's, and everything in between.

    We are going in April as well - April 8th to the 15th! Don't forget to put your names and info on the meet up thread.

    We have a whole bunch of information we can give to you about CSS (far too much to put on the board). If you are interested, send us an e-mail to , and we'll send it along to you along with some pictures.

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    I love CSS - We always stay in the Beach front rooms - Building A or B.

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    We stayed in G block near the front, 2nd floor - can't remember the number. It overlooked the clothed beach with a nice view of the ocean. At this time of the year, the blocks up the hill might be shut down - they were 2 years ago at this same time. I don't like A and B. I would go back to G in a heartbeat!
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    We downgraded from a one bedroom ocean suite to a deluxe ocean verandah. We wanted a balcony and when we got to our one bedroom ocean suite we had a balcony that was maybe 4 ft deep. We saw D7 was open on the corner which was a deluxe ocean verandah and downgraded, we were much happier in that room!

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    Thanks so much! Large, private balcony is very high on our list. We've enjoyed rooms with and without it. While we don't spend much time in our room, the balcony is the part we enjoy the most. The price point is so similar I think we'll go with a OBOS! See you in April!

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