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    Can you exchange money at Couples Negril? I know it's not necessary but we prefer to use Jamaican money on the bar crawl.


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    I know that you can at CSA, so I would guess the same is true at CN. My experience at CSA is that the rates are as good or better than any you will find in town. They will also do a cash advance equivalent in $J on a credit card for up to $100.00 a day for a small fee. I think that fee is less than the ATM fee. ( the ATM at CSA is provided by contract with an outside vendor ).

    Everybody on this message board will tell you that you don't need to change as the US $ is accepted almost anywhere you wll go as a tourist, and they are absolutely right. I ALWAYS change money for use off resort. I do this because things are less expensive and life is much easier in general if you use $J off resort. Plus the people you deal with do not have to waste their time and money to change your US $ to $J.

    Given the excellent rates given at the exchange windows at Couples, there is really no good reason not to change your money when going off resort. Spend whatever you have left over at the airport, because things are less expensive there also when using $J.

    The pub crawl is definitely one place where spending $J will make everyone happier. Have Fun!!

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    I use $US when heading out for 2 reasons.

    1. It is easier
    2. I don't care if I lose a few bucks in the transaction, the people making my vacation perfect deserve it.

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    That's great but do you know if Couples Negril exchanges money? WE prefer to use JMD$$ when we are off the resort. We find that it's easier to pay in the currency that the prices are posted in.


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    Thanks Spiff542, very useful info.

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    From the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Couples website (who knew to look there?)

    The Jamaican dollar is the legal tender in Jamaica. We are happy to exchange currency for our guests on property. However, most merchants will accept U.S dollars or traveller's checks, and major credit cards. Once you are at Couples Resorts, mostly everything is included in the price you have paid. All resorts are on a cashless system. Additions can be processed by credit card. There are no ATM machines on property.

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    To answer your question, Yes they exchange money at CN. It's at the right as you walk into the lobby.

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