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    We are thinking about booking a trip to Swept Away or Negril for our honeymoon.I think we are leaning towards Swept Away.Are there any differences? I know they both have a very nice beach (or so I've read). What if anything do they do for honeymooners? Is one resort better suited for a honeymoon ? ANY info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Both resorts are beautiful and have awesome beaches, though only CN has an au natural beach. Both resorts sport great restaurants with friendly staff. If you're leaning towards CSA then we would recommend you go with it. You can always sign up for "Romance Rewards" and do the "Trading Places" over to CN to check it out.

    CSA is a more spread-out resort...having a longer, but less wide, beachline. The restaurants and pools are located at each end of CSA with the rooms located in-between. CSA has a very nice sports complex across the street.

    CN is a little more compact, with a shorter, but deeper, beach area. The main pool is the central point of CN with restaurants and such being located there and rooms peripheral.

    CSA and CN both have great beaches, with soft, white sand, where you can witness the most aweome sunsets. The beach at CN is protected from the surf by the peninsula to its left and so the water there is much more clearer and gentle. Because CSA recieves more of the tidal action it's easier to find sea shells along the shore.

    Be sure to let them know upon check-in that you're celebrating your honeymoon and they'll give you some special treatment. For more honeymoon items you can purchase, plus "freebies", go to

    That all being can't go wrong with either one.

    Hopefully this has helps in your decision!

    Bart & Bug

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    Thanks does we booked a trip to CSA!!!

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