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    Default CSS resort photographer

    Would anyone be interested in sharing their photos that the resort photographer took? I'm getting married in November and want to ensure the quality of pictures is up to my expectation. Thanks and I hope to hear from someone soon.

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    HI! I got married April 15th 09. It was GREAT!! I was nervous at first using the resort photo person. Although, in the end I was SUPER HAPPY!! He was very open to Anything you want to do, so if you look at mine and are wanting something diffrent- you can just ask him and he would be happy to do whatever for you!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!! There are pics from the wedding/jamaica/and jamaica tours we took. Good luck and I know you will be So Happy you got married there!! -tasha

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    Thanks for sharing! Your photos are beautiful! I did decide to go with Diana Campbell! The photos I've seen of hers are great. She responded to my request within 24 hours and she was so helpful, polite, and just awesome! The customer service I have received from her so far is second to none! I'm really, really looking forward to working with Diana!

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    So Diana travels to Ocho Rios? I was under the impression that her and Stacey only worked resorts within Negril.

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    I love your photos. Can you give me the name of your resort photographer? We are getting married in May 2010 at CSS. Your pics are perfect and gorgeous!

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