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    Are there any restrictions on cigar smoking at CTI? Hubby enjoys a fine cigar (I don't find them to be stinky at all) while lounging with a drink. Is that going to be a problem?

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    My husband always buys a few cigars while we are there. I don't recall it being a problem for him to smoke them. I believe he smoked them while sitting around the main bar after dinner. We will be there in 26 days! Yeay!!!

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    Rum Girl, You and Bill will be at CTI the same time as Lynn & I. We'll see you Saturday 20th by the bar about 05:30 - 06:00 PM. I'll be smoking my daily cigar. Terry should be there selling Cubans,
    Ed, Lynn our October friends

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    You cannot smoke inside but I did see several people smoking cigars. Outside the lobby overlooking the beach and the island there are some tables to sit and I did see several cigars. They had cubans for sale on Monday and Saturday evening outside Patios

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    Awesome!! We'll see you there! We will probably arrive at the resort around 3:00??? That is... if our flight is on time.. hopefully!
    We are meeting up with some other couples as well (for friends' vow renewal). We'll look for you with your cigar at the main bar. We'll do our best to be there by 6:00! And, yes, those Cubans set-off Bill's cigar radar every time!! This will be a fun vacation!!
    See you there in 23.5 days!

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    Please be CAREFUL buying "Cubans". Yes, there are legitimate ones in country, but there are as many (or more) fakes.

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    Bill & Lori, We will be the experienced CTI/ COR couple wearing "lion medallions". Back hom times 24.

    Ed & Lynn

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    I've been following threads about cigars on this forum and another I visit regularly - Cigar Aficionado - and all the advice I've read is NOT to expect that what you're buying are real Cubans. Plenty of good looking fakes around. Having said that, an LCDH has opened at the Port of Falmouth and I believe is usually open when the cruise ships are in port. Unfortunately, we'll be staying at CN which is not close at all and we won't have a rental car to get there. So, I'll be taking my own.

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    I smoke cigars on SSB and on room balcony at CSS. I bring about 10 with me, and buy 2 or 3 at the jewelry store on site. The boxes and cigars are labeled as cubans. I'm not sure if they are real, but the quality and taste are excellent, and although the cost is a little high at about $20, I'm happy to buy and smoke them. I recommend you try them if you appreciate fine cigars.


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