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    Default CSS First Timers advice for Oct 4th-9th.

    My wife and I are headed to CSS Oct 4-9th for the first time. We have been going to Grand Lido/BGN since 1996, love Jamaica, love the all inclusive vacation concept and are partial to C/O fun in the sun :-).

    Idea for our trip originally started because we've traveled to Grand Lido/BGN since the late 90's with a group of 4 couples in June and my wife and I head down a few other times of the year just us. These trips we would usually go somewhere else such as HII, HIII or Braco but the choices of other Superclub locations has continually decreased. Previousy we had always stuck to the Superclub locations because we knew a whole bunch of people at each location, they are our friends and being multi repeat customers had its advantages ;-). We had earlier decided to make the leap and try Couples based really on this message board and the repeated comments of other former Lido/BGN guest of how much they have enjoyed the Couples brand. Seemed to us that Couples has kept what Grand Lido used to have and we miss. Now with the apparent sale of BGN to Couples we are even more motivated.

    That all said. We are looking for first timer advice. We will be there from Friday the 4th leaving Tuesday the 9th. By day we will probably be at Sunset beach most of the day so we would appreciate any recommendation on rooms, which nights to eat where, what night is gala?, clothes? (looks as if men are required to wear long pants and closed toed shoes to a few places?) or anything else to can think of that will help squeeze a great vacation into 4 days.

    Looking forward to our trip,

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    Hi Parrot,
    We will also be arriving at CSS on Oct 4th. It will be our first trip there also and we have a lot of the same questions you have. We spent a week at CN last Oct and also loved the morning walks at Bloody Bay but I think after reading all the post on this board SSB may be our new home. Hope you have a great vacation and hope to see ya there.

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    Hi Parrot,
    If you and your SO plan to be on SSB, you will want your room in Blocks A or B--Beachfront Suites--they are the closest to SSB as well as Palazzina the Beach Grill and Beach Bar. Also SSB isn't C/O, so the two of you will need to be nude.

    The day you arrive, Friday, is the Starlight Gala and folks just wear nice resort wear--tropical print shirts and shorts for the men---and flip flops work. For the women, a comfy, sun dress will work. You should definitely make a reservation to eat at Casanova at least once. The most wonderful food and relaxed attentive service. Don't rush your meal hear, and don't be afraid to order multiple courses. My hubby and I would order multiples of everything we really liked without a problem.

    Also go up to the Balloon Bar Terrace for the nightly entertainment. You will have a lovely time listening to music under the stars!

    Your trip is so short, so just take the time to enjoy each other and explore the joys of Sans Souci. Once you go you know. I'm sure the two of you will be repeaters and will stay for a longer trip! Our first trip to CSS was only 5 days---now we are up to 10 days each trip!

    One Love!

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    Congrats on the move over and welcome to the family. We and two other couples were like you we went together every year to GLN until they became Breezes. We had noticed the service declining the last few years we were there but being regulars had its advantages. Having said that we all have been going to CSS since then.
    SSB is MUCH better than GLN'S C/O area. The pool is bigger the area is nicer, the ocean entrance is about the same rough sand and rock entry into the ocean. The staff is actually more attentive and caring then the good ole days at GLN. You will see the General Manger and his Assistant everyday walking the grounds and checking on things.
    The Grand Gala is the night you arrive they set it up on the lawn and it is very nice(bring bug spray or like my wife you may get eaten, she sprays her ankles). Tuesday night is the beach party again bug spray. Both nights the entertainment is after dinner that you watch from your table. If it rains they will move the food into the restaurant Pallazena and you will eat in the adjoining ballrooms.

    The grounds are very well kept and I would recommend spending a little time wandering the paths around the buildings. As far as room blocks we stay in block A because it is the shortest walk to SSB and it has the closest feel of the look you had in the C/O rooms at GLN. Unfortunately you just can't walk out your back door nekkid to get your morning coffee at the bar.
    We unfortunately will miss you we arrive on the 9th and stay till the 19th.

    As far as clothes it is very similar to SuperClubs attire but you do not need a jacket at Cassanova just long pants a collered shirt and closed toe shoes. I would book Wendsday night at Cassanova due to the fact it is usually Lobster night and that is a nice restaurant to be at for Lobster. As far as your other choices for dinner nights won't matter much. We just pick what we feel like doing at the time.

    Just relax and have a good time and you may have found a new home......until Couples brings GLN back to its former glory then maybe we can have a home in Ocho and one in Negril.

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    This is the best place!! We went in June/July and had the best time ever!! We have already booked for next year!! All of the restaurants are great. Casanova is the one you have to dress nicer for (men, closed shoes, slacks, nice shirt). The others are more casual. All have great food. You also dress nicer for the Gala (Friday), but casual for the Beach Party.
    There is so much do or not do. We added 2 days to our next visit!! Everyone there is awesome and go out of their way to make you feel at "home".
    Haven't been to Sunset Beach, but I know they offer games and such just like the main pool bar.
    Have a great trip!!
    Lowell and Kimi

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    We honeymooned at CSS 2 years ago...we will be at CSA at the same time you're at CSS. Only 1 restaurant requires nice attire and there are only 3 restaurants, as well as a small restaurant and bar at Sunset Beach. If you plan on going in the water at Sunset Beach, bring water shoes - it's very rocky! It's also not really private - there's a river right next to it that the locals use, and I found it unnerving to have them boat by so close to me, so we hung out at the pool most of the time. The clothed beach is better sand, so no need for water shoes.
    We were at the very front of G block and loved it. Our room overlooked the clothed beach and we had a great view! We loved the over-sized shower and separate sitting room. I think the gala is Saturday?? Pack 1/2 what you think you will need for clothes, and relax!
    Lori and Dean

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    We are past GLB lovers. CSS has that resort beat in spades!!! You will love every bit of it.

    Send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you answers to all of your questions plus a lot more - way too much info to put on the MB.

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    Thanks fro all the responses. We will be spending most of our time at Sunset beach. Any room reccomendations? Does the view from the 3rd floor rooms make up for the treck up the steps?

    Thanks again,

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    We will be there Oct 4-11 and will also be at SSB as much as possible...maybe we will meet. We really really enjoyed TI 5yrs ago and hope CSS is just as great! This MB has answered so many of our questions except about the rooms. We will be in a beachfront suite but not sure which block to ask for. Hope your trip is wonderful...see ya soon!!!

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    We just returned Wednesday and had a great time !
    We stayed in building A, which is the closest building to SSB. Our room was A11, and it was the second to the end, 1st floor, closest to SSB, and a nice view of the regular beach. Excellent location. Since it is the last building, did not mind the first floor, not much foot traffic in front of our room. The people in the room directly above us, said they had a better view of the beach.
    Bring some left over bread from breakfast to feed the turtles and the pelicans in the pond that you will walk past on route to SSB. Bartender made an excellent Pina Colada. I went in the ocean, found if you enter closer to the river there was no need for water shoes. I then went on my floatie, and floated for a while.
    Have a great time !

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    Parrot, you wrote that you'll be here Friday the 4th... Thursday is the 4th!!!! Just wanted to make sure you got got your days straight cause you definately don't want to miss this....

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    We are going tomorrow 3rd and staying through Monday. last went 2 years ago and loved it. Hard to go for longer as we have to leave the kids behind (yes!) grown up up couple time we are not mum and dad!
    We are staying in a penthouse this time. love the feel of this place and the staff were outstanding here's to the same again. You will not be disappointed. We stayed in d7 with a great view last time. See you there.

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    sorry for the confused dates. We actually leave on the night of the 4th fly to Orlando, spend the night in the Hyatt in the airport then JetBlue first thing on the morning of the 5th.

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