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    Default beachfront suite CN, premier beachfront suite CSA

    I would like to know what building to request for the best ocean view in a beachfront suite at CN. Has anybody stayed in this room category? If so which room number do you suggest?
    We are doing a split stay and will be in the new premier beachfront suites at CSA. Has anybody stayed in these rooms? Once again a room number or building would be great!

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    Hey Beachvaca,

    Stayed at CN at the beachfront Suite...the same one 3 times in a row.....I believe it is room 9108 or it the 3rd floor overlooking the Au Natural beach...deff. the best room in CN.....2 sliders out onto the deck with a hammock.....BEST views.....

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    In my opinion, the best beachfront suites are in Building 6 b/c they have a sunset view. Be advised, however, that you can't request a particular room, floor, or building before you arrive at the resort. There are only 12 beachfront suites (3 each in Buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9), so it's likely that you won't have a choice of rooms when you arrive.

    Artchew, the room number would be 9308 if you stayed in a room on the third floor. 9308 = Building 9, 3rd floor, 8th room.
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    Name:  room.jpg
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Size:  26.5 KBWe were at CN in beachfront suite 5701 and loved it. Here is a picture of our view from our room.

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    We stayed in beachfront suite 2236 (building 41 on a CSA map), which is now a premier beachfront suite, and it was awesome. We enjoyed the large, wrap-around balcony and view of the ocean. It also happens to be located in the center of the resort which made getting places quick and easy! We haven't tried a beachfront suite at CN so can't help you there.

    While you can't expect them to give you the room of your choice it doesn't hurt to ask for a particular building, floor or room. We did this once and were surprised that they accommodated our request. Of course we would've been happy even if they hadn't.

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