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    In our trips to Couples nude areas over the years my wife and I have at times left the other on the nude beach alone while we did other things (yes...happily married couples sometimes do things separately while on vacation... though I know this might surprise some of you). In our experience is has seemed clear that if a single male or female is quietly enjoying the sun, reading a book, sipping a drink without behaving inappropriately, without causing anyone any problems then Couples staff and management will not drag that person off the nude beach. Most people on the nude beach have no real issue with it either as long as there are no problems. I am often oblivious of who else is using the beach or if they are 'coupled' or not. Most of us are not there to worry about what others are wearing or who they are with. But there are a few people who feel it is their duty to enforce rules as they see them and some of them will complain and force staff to remove that person from the beach even if that single person is simply quietly reading a book. Since the 'rule' is at some level 'couples only' if someone complains then staff will have to ask singles to leave the nude areas. Most of the time no one cares and there are no problems. If you happen to be sharing the area with someone who feels they must make an issue of it then don't be surprised if you are asked to leave. Some folks are on the lookout for things to complain about. Most others will not even notice you are there if you are not creating a problem for anyone. Thankfully most on the nude beaches are 'live and let live' kinds of people.

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    I agree with jeniper29, not all guests follow the message board (hard to believe!) so they would have no idea that there is such a rule. I would think that bad behavior would be the issue. Someone who was there with their spouse could be a gawker, perv or worse, while a single person could be a model AN citizen.

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    Ok, so this post started out by asking if 'Can husband go alone' .

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    Let's me try this again. This post started out by asking 'Can husband go alone'. Most people have stated 'No', but there keeps being a few who are answering 'Yes'. This is even after it has been repeated what Randymon has stated,

    'Further, our au naturel facilities are for couples only. No solo visitors please - regardless

    Seems this answer is very clear; even if there aren't any signs. Some have said you can be alone, just be respectful of others. Being alone is not being respectful of others or for the rules. Just because no one has asked you to leave doesn't make it right. There may be some who are uncomfortable with singles. Once your significant other has left, you have become a solo visitor. Respect means to respect the rules Couples has set up.

    It may not matter to some if there are singles there. That's not the point. Let's keep this place for couples. And stop figuring out how to justify breaking the rules.

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