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    Default Can husband go alone?

    My husband is very interested in trying AN, and has been for awhile. I just don't feel comfortable with it, but have no opposition to him wanting to try! I understanding that it's NOT clothing optional, so would it be possible for my husband to go alone? I thought I read on the website it is couples only. If that's the case, is it strictly enforced? We are planning to stay at CSS.


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    No, you would have to go to Sunset Beach as a couple. See the thread at the top of this section "For those who do not respect just a few rules of conduct".

    The first time we tried "au naturel", at GLB, Karen was also very hesitant about the whole thing. She was nervous, she didn't want to do it, but she did, and after a short period of time, became used to it. That was 7 years ago. Now, we spend all of our time on Sunset Beach at CSS, love every second of it, and have met some wonderful friends there!! Please, please, please give it a try. go over early in the morning on your first full day. If you don't like it, then you can go back to the main beach for the rest of your holiday. BUT, if you DO like it, and I'm sure you will, you will have the best holiday you have ever had. Once you become used to it, which won't take very long, you will find it is a very relaxing feeling. The nice thing about SSB is that you can be by yourselves at the right end of the beach, or go to the pool area and socialize if you wish. There's lots of room to spread out.

    Spend some time reading through the posts on this part of the board (in particular the "Feedback from your vacation" thread) - there are many from those who were petrified about trying it, then ended up really loving the experience. I feel so sorry for those who refuse to try it out just once. It is a wonderful way to spend a week's vacation with your loved one!!

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    No your husband won't be allowed to go alone and it is enforced by security. Try it once. You'll love it.
    It's not at all what you probably have in your mind.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    It is couples only. I am not sure how much they enforce it, but seeing a gentleman alone often times "creeps out" many guests. I really didn't want to try the AN either, but knew my husband really did, so, I told him we could go one day, early, for an hour, if I was uncomfortable, we would go back to the other side and it would not come up again. He agreed. We went the first morning (so I could get it over with). Boy was I glad we did. I ended up loving it, and am usually the first one ready to go now. We spend very little if any time on the main beach now. What I found out is those on SSB do not care what you look like. They are there for the same reason you are. PDA is not allowed (yes you can hold hands and that type of thing) and that is enforced. People there are so much more friendly, and they look you in the eyes when speaking to you. Read some of the older posts on here and maybe you would feel comfortable enough to give it a try for him.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    From what I have read, your husband is not suppose to go alone to the AN beach. However, this past spring when I was at CN, there was a man alone on the beach. No one said anything to him and he was a nice guy. When it started to rain and we all headed for the hot tub he joined us. He wasn't a gawker, and he said that his wife just didn't like going nude. I guess it all depends on your fellow sun bathers - whether they are comfortable with a guy being alone. You should really give going au naturale a try. I was very hesitant about it 2 years ago, but now I love it. I hate having to wear a bathing suit back home. Don't knock it until you try it. Only 201 more days to go!!!

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    Please don't advocate it is acceptable for males to go alone. While someone may have gotten away with it, it is not the expected behavior.

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    You will have to join your hubby if he wants to go to SSB. Security will ask a single person or a person who refuses to completely disrobe to leave SSB.

    If you are nervous, go to SSB early and head to the right side of the beach. Pick out your favorite palapa, spread out your towels on the loungers, and take off your swimsuits and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin! There is just nothing like it!!!!! No one will judge you!

    Have a wonderful holiday!!!!

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    D&A913, the AN areas are couples only. I would agree with what others have posted here, give it a try with your husband. Look over the posts in this section, especially as has been suggested the Feedback after your vacation topic. My wife was also quite nervous about trying AN, while I wanted to (which seems to be a fairly common theme.) We discussed it, and agreed we'd give it a try on our first day, so that if she wasn't comfortable with it, it was out of the way, and if she was OK with it (or enjoyed it,) we'd have several more days.

    Now, before I go on, one thing to realize, as Lindad stated, there's no sexual activity allowed at all, and frankly when you're in the nude with others it's a very non-sexual thing. In fairly short order, you cease to think about that fact that you're nude, he's nude, they're nude, and others are as well, and it's no different than any other day at the beach (except for the need to make sure to get sunscreen EVERYWHERE! ) No one stares or gawks at others, and no one cares how someone looks perfect body / normal body / it doesn't matter. When we were out on the Isle at CTI, there was a couple that could best be described as "grandparent" bodies.

    So, back on track. Talk it over with your husband, explain your concerns, and come to an agreement. Regardless, enjoy your vacation!

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    Thanks so much for every response! I'll definitely give it some thought and read the suggested posts. Regardless, we are so excited for another tropical get away!

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    I hope your tried the AN if you have gone already. My wife and I are leaving Monday and can't wait. The one thiing I would offer is look at how many post tell of 'trying it and loving it' then look for ANY post of 'not liking it and leaving'. One more common post is "I wish I had gone to the AN beach earlier in our trip as we love it so much".

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    Can't recall any posts of "not liking it and leaving". Our first experience was last year. We were nervous of course. My wife was certainly more reluctant than I was, but not by much. We headed to the main pool bar first for a couple shots of liquid nerve then ventured over to SSB. We went far right when we got there, as far away from the pool as possible. We did venture to the bathroom and bar but mainly stayed to the right. Next day we sat closer... third day I went to the bathroom and came out to find my wife actually in the pool socializing!!! Go figure.
    This year we spent the first day on the main beach in the morning to just cool our jets and relax. The whole time there, we barely spoke to anyone. For the rest of the week we spent all our time at SSB. It is by far more relaxed, more friendly, and believe it or not more comfortable!!! Met up with some old friends and met some new ones as well.
    d&A913, give it a try. As you can see from all the posts, your only regret would be not doing it on the first day.

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    Definitely take the advice to go Au Naturel early in the trip becasue you will regret it!! Can't wait to go back next year!

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    AN is a couples only thing at Couples resorts.

    Try it, you may like it!
    Irie Mon

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    Definitely try it!! On our first trip I was very hesitant to try it! I was use to sitting nude by our own pool but we live in the bush!! lol The one thing that convinced me to try was the thought of sitting in a wet bathing suit. Yech! So we went over early the first morning and I never looked back. We have met many wonderful people all different shapes and sizes. In 2 weeks we will be back at CSS for our 5th time and I can't wait to hit SSB!!!

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    Our first trip there my wife was reluctant and I was nervous. Neither of us are even close to being models. Our first morning we went over to SSB and found a spot somewhat away from everyone else. The first thing you notice is the beach is relaxing the water is wonderful and people are walking around smiling. This is such an awesome place to be. Then you wander over by the pool area and there are many couples socializing and just having fun. We met several very friendly couples there and all I noticed was how perfectly tanned everyone was! We tried the textile areas and found people are not as outgoing and friendly. The 2nd trip to CSS we wasted no time getting to SSB and we no sooner walked into the area and some of the couple we had met the year prior greeted us with smiles and welcomed us back. Other than 1 excursion off the resort we spent as many hours as we could at SSB. One night after dinner we went over as a group of 8 to the hot tub in the textile pool area. There were a couple of women there and we asked if they minded if we were AN and they were good with that. Surprising enough they said their husbands were the one who didn't want to go to SSB. We chatted for a long time with them and all was pleasant. I am not sure what official policy is on this, but we did get permission before we attempted this. Go AN and never put on a cold wet swimsuit again!!!!!!!

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    The official policy is no AN outside the SSB area (well except for your room that is OK of course). Good thing you did not get caught. You could have been booted off the resort. Next time go over to SSB. While it is pretty dark over there at night, people still go to the hot tub and enjoy an evening soak.

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    My wife and I have been going to the beaches at Negril for years and I don't feel that I am making anyone uncomfortable if she leaves or just takes a break. I can't speak for everybody, but I just like being on the beach and no one has ever seemed put off, nor was I ever asked to leave.

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    YES! My wife and I have been to CN 5 times, sometimes we go to the nude beach together and sometimes I go alone. I keep my chair away from others and only speak if spoken to. I've met alot of nice couples there and no one has ever ask me to leave. Just be respectful of others.

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    Default One caveat!

    Quote Originally Posted by B.O.B. View Post
    YES! My wife and I have been to CN 5 times, sometimes we go to the nude beach together and sometimes I go alone. I keep my chair away from others and only speak if spoken to. I've met alot of nice couples there and no one has ever ask me to leave. Just be respectful of others.
    We would agree, except only after we've introduced ourselves as a couple. Then everyone knows we are a part of the AN family.
    Couples for Couples !!!

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    I personally think that the major fun of Au Naturel is being there together. I can't honestly understand why you'd want to be apart on a Couples vacation... Give it a try. There is something about the air in Jamaica that melts away your worries. Rum is also good for that.

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    Hello B.O.B,
    I believe the original poster was asking whether her husband could go alone to SSB, and as a longtime AN sunlover at SSB, I know that a single person would be asked to leave--I have witnessed it. Since I have never been to CN, I would not begin to suggest what is allowed on the AN beach there.

    I don't think it's a good way to start a vacation to tell someone to break resort rules.......There is a sign as you enter SSB that states SSB is for Couples only and that it is not clothing optional....everyone must be NUDE. I'm just saying we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful place to enjoy....why do we have to look for ways to circumvent the rules?????

    One Love,

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    "Couples only" wasn't mentioned on the sign in May. Did they add that recently?

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    Hello Gary and Patti,
    Please excuse my error--if the phrase "Couples Only" isn't on the sign at the entrance to SSB. I thought it was; however, it is plainly and unambiguously stated in Randymon's email that is at the top of this thread please see the 5th line--I'll reprint it below:

    Greetings to all:

    It has been recently reported that there was some inappropriate Public Displays of Affection in the pool or jacuzzi at Couples Sans Souci's Sunset Beach.

    I am compelled to reiterate that none of our resorts will tolerate overt sexual activity in public by any guests.

    If you are one of the offending couples reading this post. Please do not come back to Couples Resorts. You are not welcome.

    If you are yet to arrive and intend to "do your thing" in public, please be advised that -if caught - you may be asked to pack your bags immediately and be escorted off property without compensation.

    Further, our au naturel facilities are for couples only. No solo visitors please - regardless...I hope this is stated clearly enough. :-(

    One Love,
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    Not to be a stickler BUT, The sign entering the Beach reads (verbatum)
    Welcome to Couples Sans Souci's nude beach. This beach is not clothing optional; therefore no clothing is allowed. Your cooperation is anticipated. Signed Management.

    The sign below it reads:
    AU Natural Beach. No Photography.

    The other signs throughout the Beach has rules/signs for entering the pools, hottub, and ocean.

    There is no signs stating that you have to be a "Couple/pair" to enjoy the beach.

    I recommend that if the resort whats to clearify the rule (No singles, male or female), then they should install a sign that states it (No singles, male or female). Also recommend putting on the sign, the hours the rule are in effect, since we do have people coming to the beach to see the sunset. That way, they don't think they can't come in the area.
    Just trying to help. It doesn't matter to me, if a single female or guy is enjoying themselves at the beach while their other half is at the Spa or on a tour somewhere or they come to the beach with another couple. We are there to relax, meet new friends and have a good time.
    See you on the beach LOL
    Scott & Jen

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    Hi jeniper29,
    If you look at my response to Gary and Patti, I admit my error on the reference to the "Couples Only" notation on the sign at the entrance to SSB. I do, however, include the verbatim text from Randymon's post that is at the top of this thread that clearly states that the AN areas are for couples only. No singles......


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