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    Default Beginners Scuba at CSA?

    My husband and I will be at CSA from 10/5 to 10/12. He really, really wants to try Scuba diving and, even though Iím terrified, Iím open to considering it. ;o) What do they do for beginners/people really nervous about taking the plunge? Thanks in advance!

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    First, no problem! The dive guys at Swept Away are really good at what they do. Do you have any idea how many people feel, or have felt, exactly the way you do? Most of the beginners. You'll start off in the pool, and Franz or whoever, will be an arms length away. Relax and have a blast. It's like flying!

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    I did the intro / beginners course at CN. The first part is in the pool, the instructors are patient and I'm sure have delt with many nervous students. There is a basic swim skill test at the beginning of the training that you have to pass to continue the training Ė pretty basic, you just have to swim a few laps. You should have a better feel after a few of the training exercises with the equipment in the pool. Give it a try you don't have to go out for the dive if you don't want to. Everyone in our class went out for the dive and although everyone went in the water initially two or three opted to bail out and sat on the boat while we completed the dive. I thought it was a lot of fun but Iím a good swimmer and very comfortable in the water.

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    No worries!!! When you have a few minutes the first day or so go to the end of the property by the Palms and the dive masters will be happy to help you! There is a short swimming test you take in the pool outside the Palms, brief overview of the gear and how to work it, etc. and then you are cleared to do the resort course dive!! Enjoy and try everything that you have any desire to do, just don't overbook yourselves as you will see on the board this place is addictive and you WILL be back!

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    You will have training in the pool prior to going out to dive in the ocean. They will take their time to make sure you are comfortable with breathing underwater. This is a freaky feeling, and some people are not comfortable with it. They will also train you on maneuvers like what to do if your regulator comes out of your mouth and how to clear water out of your mask. If you are not comfortable with this, you can stop the training at any time. Your husband can always go out without you. The actual beginners dive itself is not very long (one hour total at sea). The training takes about 2 1/2 hours. So give it a try, and if at any point you don't like it, you can stop. Because there is no charge for this, you don't lose anything. Couples is the perfect place to try out scuba for this very reason.

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    I haven't done the scuba class yet but plan to in the future. I just wanted to make note that if your husband has any medical conditions he will have to have a form from his doctor stating he is cleared to dive. There was a link to the form somewhere on this site but at the moment I can't seem to find it. Having the form completed before you go saves the time and expense of having the checkup done at the resort. Hopefully someone can post the link for you should you need it.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Since everyone has already answered your questions, I'll just chime in and say I started off doing the resort dive at CSA as my first SCUBA experience ever. I was very nervous but loved it so much that I went on to get certified and have done about 15 dives now at CSA between 2 trips. The dive team is great and are used to newbies, so they will take good care of you.

    Plus, as others have mentioned, since it's included you have nothing to lose!

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