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    hi everone its rick & mary from michigan we will be at css in april from 9-20 2013 for the third time we went to cn this year had fun met lots of great friends but cant wait to get home to css . going to montego bay on a cruise in 2 weeks cant believe we will be that close and wont be able to go to css ! oh well at least we can get rum cream to get us through the holidays ! hope to see you all there .

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    John & Becky from Little Rock. We'll be at CSS April 9-17 for the fourth time. We also went to CN last Spring for our second visit there and had a great time. CSS does, however, call us back.

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    when were you at cn this year ?we were there april 18th till 28th

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    Looks like we just missed you. We were at CN April 29th - May 7.

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    hi all.
    I have added you all to our spreadsheet. You can see a bunch of us coming in april if you go to the post titled. April 2013..... yes 2013

    Jay & Susan

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