My future wife and I will be heading to CSA in June for our honeymoon and not having anything left to plan has left me too much time to search and worry about every possible scenario lol. One thing I have recently came across is sun bather's eruption caused by the larvae of jellyfish and it seems to be more of a problem in June. Most of what I read says to wash clothes after swimming immediately and then machine dry them but I'm not sure if that's an option at CSA. My question is how much of an issue is this, especially anyone that has went in early June and any suggestions. It seems to be a rash andmore of an annoyance than anything but it does occur in the areas where you're covered while swimmimg which could put a damper on a honeymoon . I have read about Sea Safe but not sure if it works with these larvae or just regular jellyfish.

On a lighter note, we have decided to stay in the Great House Jacuzzi Suite and would love some feedback on the room. I've searched and read some but there's not a great deal written about it considering there are only four rooms available obviously there have been less users to comment but any input would be nice. We have seen the pics on the site and it looks great and I know some feel it's too hotel like but I really don't feel like I will have that impression. Any input on either subject would very much be appreciated. It's finally less than 9 months away!