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    Default CSA Jacuzzi Room Rates

    Why is it that every room category at CSA (including the so called new PREMIER BEACHFRONT SUITE)
    is avialable but not the rates for the JGHS? You show the rates under the 2013 early escapes but when you go to book it=NOPE For the life of me I do not understand why you refuse to offer this room category under any of your bookings? No matter what site I use they never have this room listed as an option. Really makes it hard for me to justify to my hubby that can we can afford another trip next year and stay in the same room we did for our weddingmoon if I can never get a real rate/total sum to go by=GRRR Randymon PLEASE expalin this to me?!?

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    There are only 4 of those rooms on property. A lot of resorts do that with their higher end suites and rooms that there aren't many of them. It can be frustrating, I'm glad we have all the rates!

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