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    This my first post, so first of all thanks to everyone on the boards for all the info! I have been stalking the boards every since we booked. This will be my husbands and my first kid free vacation since we were married 16 years ago and couldn't be more excited.

    I am thinking about going to the CSA spa and was leaning towards the bamboo massage or maybe reflexology. Does anyone have any suggestions or reviews?

    We will there the first week in December. I have read it can be a little chilly then. Is that just in the evenings and will a light sweater do? Thanks again, Stacie

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    Stacie - I can't give you advice as to either of the 2 massage therapies, however, there's a masseuse named "Colony" who you should ask for. As far as the nighttime weather - chilly is the low 70s.
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    We do an hour long "Couples Massage" every time. Last year we added the cranial or scalp massage at the same session. Oh. My. God. It was awesome! Looking forward to doing it again in just over 70 days.

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    No matter what service you get at the CSA spa, make sure you go to the appointment early and get in that hot tub over there. So relaxing.

    Have fun!

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    I got the bamboo fusion massage done by Annette and it was wonderful.

    What is your standard of "chilly"? I'm from Florida and have only seen snow once, but Jamaica is in the tropics I went one year in February and while it was milder than our spring and summer visits, we were still just fine in swimsuit/shorts/sundresses the whole time.

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    I have had the Hot Stone Massage at all four resorts and that is the only way to go for me! So blissful!! As for the evening temperatures, I always bring a wrap but have usually found that the only time I need it is when we eat at Feathers restaurant as it's air conditioned and can be cooler sometimes. We will be there until Dec. 4th so I will have already had my massage. Try to have it the first couple of days and it relaxes you for the whole week!!

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    Go fot the 90 minute couples aromatherapy massage. Abolutely fantastic.

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    Thanks for all the responses.

    jayrayuf I'm from Maryland so if it was still warm enough for you in february we should be good.
    Is the bamboo massage a deeper massage? I not really a fan of swedish massage too "soft" for me I guess. Stacie

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    We always do the couples massage, so I can't comment on the other treatments (massage-wise). I'll second the other poster who suggested arriving early and enjoying the Buddha Pool. That needs to be experienced, and you may find yourself going to the spa a few more times during your trip just to relax in the pool.

    Have fun!!!!

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    I normally do the Hot Stone. This year I did the Swedish Massage at Cn and the Bamboo at CSA with Annette.

    Both were blissful!! I think I liked the Bamboo slightly more then the the Hot Stone.....if that was possible.

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    OHHHH go for the 85 minute as that will give you the front of the body as well. The shorter times only work on the back portion of your body. It really does make a will feel like a wet noodle when you are done.

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    I think I'm leaning towards the bamboo now, it sounds awesome. Has anyone had the relexology? I'd love someone to rub my feet and I can't get my husband to do it. ha ha

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    I was worried that the bamboo fusion massage might be too 'frilly' and not enough deep tissue kind of work, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'd say it's in between a Swedish massage and deep tissue in terms of pressure. I've gotten massages in a variety of settings (spa/chiropractor/etc) and the ones I've received at Couples have been the best out of all. I'm sure you'll be happy no matter what you choose

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    Hubby booked me a couples massage for my birthday next week!! WAHOOO!!! We used the spa last time we were there and it was only a quick massage, but it was wonderful. I've heard the Hot Stone Massage is faaaaaaaaaantastic!!

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    Stacie - Monica and I have tried several of the massages but enjoy the 1 hour couples massage the most - I agree with getting there a little early and using the Buddha pool to relax. As far as getting chilly, take a light sweater for Feathers, other than that you won't need it.
    Since you are going to be there in December - come on over to the Dec 2012 meetup thread and introduce yourself. I'll add you and your hubby to the list. BTW - Make sure you meet up with Spiff 542 (Jeff and Marybeth) - They are a great couple and good friends.

    Mike and Monica
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