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    Default Towels on the island

    Are towels provided on the island or do we have to bring a towel from our room?

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    Same as with the main beach and pool. go to the watersports desk to get your two beach/pool towels and trade them in for fresh ones each day. you will have to carry them over to the island.

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    And have no fear, if you happen to drop it in the water getting off the boat, the water sports guy will bring you a dry towel. Not that I would have any persona experience with this situation.

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    Just go to water sports and they will give you two towels for the island. One to sit on, (no sitting on the chairs without a towel) one for the back of the chair or to dry off
    Irie Mon

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    There are towels at the water sports hut and by the main pool.

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