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    Default Engagement Pictures? Any Suggestions about hiring a photographer?

    My fiancee' and I are going to be at CTI on August 1-5, 2011 for our engagement trip (wedding is in June 2012), and we are hoping to take our engagement pictures while at the resort. Does anyone know whether there are photographers for hire outside of for wedding ceremonies, and if so, how I would go about booking them?

    Thanks guys!

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    just use the resort photographer, we just got married last week at CSA. Stacey Clarke did our wedding pictures. Just remember that when you bring someone in from off the resort you have to pay the resort a $500.00 vendor fee. We used the resort photographer for engagement type pictures - we did a sunset package and got 100 pictures for $250.00. Great deal and Great pictures

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    Default Misha Earle

    I used Misha Earle for my pictures and was THRILLED with her! I booked her for 3 hours and received over 350 pictures and a 2 hour slideshow set to music. My link to the slideshow is on my weddingmoon review under My wedding at Couples. I did attach 2 pictures for you In my opinion she was worth every penny
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    Dr. Susan....engagement trip...I love that idea. I'm off to plot now. ;-)

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    We used Marcia E Roberts for our wedding photos she is amazing here is her website

    hopefully that works

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    Hey we're thinking about using misha earl for our wedding so you think she the best photographer to use?

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    @magpie. Do you know if the price you paid would be the same for all Couples Resorts? We are getting married in November at CSS, and I'm stressing over pictures (that's the one thing I want to splurge on, but don't want to break the bank). Debbie sent me a list several months ago that stated we could get 24 pictures for $300, but I'm totally liking the price for the quantity you quoted. If you have anymore detailed information I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at Thanks so much

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    I assume that the price would be the same for all of the resorts. When we met with Alicia at CSA, she had a binder with numerous picture bundles. I'm not really sure why they don't include this on their website, but there were several packages to choose from. With the engagement photos- these weren't booked through our bridal consultant. There are resort photographers who go around during dinner and they will snap a few photos of you, they tell you to visit the photo center to view your photos- which you can purchase $10.00 per photo. So how this came about was us going to the photo center to view our photos from dinner and we saw their listing I remember them having a bridal session of 100 additional pictures for $250.00- not a bad deal. But since we had gotten married the day before we booked a sunset package. We loved our pictures. I hope this helps. Congrats

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    I'm confused a little I Stacey Clark the resort photographer? I think I want to use her but not sure how to secure our appointment.

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    No Stacey Clark and Misha Earle are private photographers.

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    what type of photographer are you want because there are every photographer have it's own way of making photos some of wild photographing and some of natural and fashion photographing but a professional wedding photographer have all the qualities of making photos of your wedding and have idea and tricks how to make photos of your wedding reception so you should always hire the professional photographer you can found from the internet also from their official web sites....

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